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Al Bundy 01:14 PM 02-25-2019
It was just released and is really good.
kccrow 07:27 AM 03-13-2019
Here's my one attempt... Not realistic in my mind but eh... lol
29 Clelin Ferrell, EDGE Clemson
61 Trayvon Mullen, CB Clemson
63 Amani Hooker, CB Iowa
92 David Long, CB Michigan
167 Devine Ozigbo, RB Nebraska
201 Austin Bryant, EDGE Clemson
214 Miles Boykin, WR Notre Dame
216 Cortez Broughton, IDL Cincinnati
bowener 09:48 AM 03-13-2019
I picked manually and mine did not fall as I expected.

29. Ed Oliver, IDL, Houston
61. Erik McCoy, IOL, Texas A&M
63. Justin Layne, CB, Michigan State
92. Darnell Savage, S, Maryland

I took the BPA at 29. Oliver can ball and I think he could hold down the LDE spot and kick ass at it. I'm not sold on Kpass at this point, and depth can't hurt. Plus if the Chiefs shift into a 2 front for obvious passing down Oliver and Jones could be a handful to deal with.

McCoy is legit and I see him as a stud future starting center protecting Mahomes for many seasons.

Justin Layne is a solid man corner with zone ability. He is a big guy. He doesn't have crazy top end speed, but he will nearly always have safety help over the top. He has good quickness and stays with his man. He also plays the ball well. He is solid depth at the very least.

Darnell Savage is interesting to me. He is fast and quick in games, able to close on the ball, able to read the QB and the ball in the air, able to tackle, plays smart and under control, BUT he isn't much bigger than Mathieu. I don't know if he could translate well to a corner in the NFL, but physically he has all the tools, otherwise, the Chiefs would sport to small rangy safeties that may have trouble covering tall TEs.

I only did 4 rounds, and by the 4th nearly all top picks were RBs or WRs. After round 2 there were barely any LBs I liked. I want to protect Mahomes forever so I went OL and nearly went OT with 61.

I would be cool with this draft because I believe it would give us a dynamic DL that could fuck shit up with speed and power, which in turn would help hide the below average defensive backfield. I think the OL is the second most important thing in the modern NFL and is probably overlooked too often. That may sound stupid, but the NFL is set up to score points now, so if Chiefs have a stud OL Mahomes never leaves the field or leaves it so often from scoring it won't matter. Which brings up the next two draft picks who both have the ability to stick with their man, and make plays on the ball. I am banking on the defenses ability to take the ball away rather than stop a team on every drive.

The weakest part of the defense will the linebackers so FA signings are a must.

My draft grade: C, maybe B+ if both DBs work out.
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