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Sofa King 06:32 PM 11-14-2018
Anyone found any amazing deals yet? A lot of ads finally started coming out.

I'm looking for a good 65 inch 4k smart TV, maybe a nintendo switch. Always up for hunting and fishing stuff as well. Bought a bunch of video games last year during it.

Whatcha got?
cooper barrett 09:41 AM 12-08-2018
Originally Posted by BWillie:
Need a 50'' 4k Smart TV for the GF. Something shitty - under $375.

What ya'll got
They are not all smart


Atyme 650AM7UD 65" Class, 64.5"DIAGONAL 4K Ultra HD LED TV 3 HDMI, 1 USB, ARC $349

Best Buy
TCL - 55" Class - LED - 4 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR Roku TV

below $350

Same TCL as above

Sam's has 4 tv's for under $350
including a Vizio
VIZIO V-Series™ 50” Class 4K HDR Smart TV - V505-G9

Hitachi 55" Class 4K Ultra HD TV - 55C60

Clay's Christmas present $18


Frosty 02:12 PM 12-10-2018
Originally Posted by Frosty:
We've had a 50" Samsung plasma for what seems like forever and it's still going strong. It's fine for watching TV but has started to feel small when watching movies, especially the movies shot in 2.35:1.

I started researching 65" TVs and the wife put her foot down and stated she didn't want a bigger TV in the living room, especially for watching regular TV shows. I had a 720p projector before we got the plasma so I started researching new projectors.

BenQ was running a Black Friday deal on their 1080p and some 4K projectors from mid-November to mid-December. Then on the actual Black Friday, was running an addition 4% off plus a free ceiling mount so I picked up the BenQ HT2550 4K projector for around $1040.

It's not "true" 4K because it uses pixel shifting to achieve the 8 whatever million pixels but I don't really care. My eyes aren't good enough to discern the difference anyway. All reviews said it had a a great picture even with some ambient light so that's good enough for me. My main concern was that I saw rainbows with my old DLP projector and this is also a DLP but it has the newer RGBRGB wheel which is supposed to eliminate the rainbow effect.

All in all, I hope this is a good compromise for movie watching.
I finally got my projector and set it up. I already had the screen set up so just had to run a longer HDMI cable out to the pj. It was sitting about 11 feet back from the screen and filled it at that distance.

I watched Gravity on it first and it was stunning, especially the destruction scenes. There was a lot of detail shown in the dark scenes so the black level seemed pretty good. I did see the occasional rainbow flash but this movie is absolutely worst case, with very black scenes with bright white objects in the foreground. I think I am just really susceptible to them as my wife and son didn't notice them. It wasn't bad overall though. I didn't see any in the other movie we watched (the newer Independence Day).

I haven't tried any 4K content yet but I was really blown away by the picture at 1080P so i am plenty happy as is. My son was distracted somewhat by the fan noise of the projector but I didn't notice it once the movie started. If I could ceiling mount the pj, it wouldn't be a problem. But sitting only a couple feet away, you could hear it.

Here's a picture of the set up. The scene is from the mini movie in the Extras on the Gravity disc. My 50" plasma is sitting in the corner so you can see the size difference. The regular movie was 2.35:1 so it didn't fill the screen quite as much as the mini movie did. It came out to about a 90" picture. (Dog provided for scale)

Cave Johnson 08:53 AM 12-12-2018
Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
There are enough 'protection' options on the OLED's these days that I took the risk anyway. The pixel shifting isn't foolproof but it should to a ton to avoid that sort of thing and I've never noticed it doing it. I'm still not gonna leave any of the apps paused (DirectTV has a screensaver of its own; not sure about things like Netflix, etc...), so I wouldn't tempt fate. But I'd imagine you'd have to screw up pretty badly for a real problem.

Got it on Wednesday. Holy shit man, these things are incredible. My TV in the basement is a nice Samsung w/ the HDR and all that stuff and it's just not the same animal. That OLED technology is nuts.

I threw "The Nightmare Before Christmas" on because it was streaming quality and I figured the claymation and darker color palate would be a perfect test bed. It was just unreal. I ran the 'coral seas' episode of Blue Planet II on it next and what the deeper blacks do to create contrast with the more vibrant colors is spectacular.

It's a remarkable advancement in what these televisions can do. It's outpaces anything my DirectTV can put through it by far but when I flip over to any of the streaming services or even throw up some quality clips off Youtube, you see just how sharp that TV can get.

If you're gonna spent over $1,000 on a TV, go ahead and splurge for the OLED set. Sony's do a few things slightly better than LGs (their processors are better) but they do a few things worse as well. Only Sony and LG are using it since LG owns the rights and would only sell them to Sony. In for a penny, in for a pound at this point. I understand if the goal is to just get a massive TV at the lowest reasonable price point but if you're looking in the 55'' range or even maybe 65'', the upgrade cost is substantial but worthwhile.

You start to get up beyond that (the 77'' is damn expensive even with the discount), I can see reaching a puke point but beyond that I have a hard time arguing that the juice isn't worth the squeeze there.
65 C8?
DJ's left nut 03:51 PM 12-12-2018
Originally Posted by Cave Johnson:
65 C8?
I got the 55"

The 65" would been a little too much for the living room. But I'm kinda hoping that the big one in the basement eats shit so I can justify upgrading that one.
Buehler445 03:55 PM 12-12-2018
Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
I got the 55"

The 65" would been a little too much for the living room. But I'm kinda hoping that the big one in the basement eats shit so I can justify upgrading that one.
Ive got a hammer handy if it needs a little help :-)
Buehler445 03:59 PM 12-12-2018
Really though, throw that thing up on your local facebook buy/sell/trade page and see if you can get what you’d need out of it.

Wife sold this little 19” we’d had for years and hadn’t used in several that my wife got waaaaay more than I’d ever pay for out of it.

If it doesn’t bring it, whatever, keep the thing, but if you’re wanting to upgrade see if you can offset some of the cost on someone else’s dime.
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