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Washington DC and The Holy Land>*****Official George Floyd/MPLS Police dep trial*****
displacedinMN 09:47 AM 01-12-2021
Under Special Request-Shortened to help out

What happened --

Results and riots




I will update things as I can-I have full RedStarTrib access.

Live tweets from Red Star

KARE 11 Live Stream with experts.
Al Czervik 04:18 PM Today
Originally Posted by banyon:
So this lady either is lying or is running her mouth about stuff she heard secondhand:


Pay no attention to the video where her daughter is slashing with the best of them.
Hazel looking to retire early.
Garcia Bronco 04:23 PM Today
Originally Posted by |Zach|:
A one size fits all approach? I think it’s funny that you think we as a society are even at the “approach” stage in helping our communities in a way that would make people safer and healthier so that cops didn’t have to do the work cleaning up after late stage capitalism.
That's not the police doing that...that's the people doing that to themselves. We as a society ask the police the police...we pay them enforce the laws. However, your rebuttal is clear and that is you don't have an idea. You just know you don't like it. We call that bitching.
Garcia Bronco 04:26 PM Today
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
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