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Hammock Parties 07:36 PM 05-02-2019
Available on the PC again! Maybe I'll actually play it this year.

Originally Posted by :

When talking and listening to players, we kept hearing that being a star of their own football story would be fantastic. With that in mind, we crafted Face of the Franchise: QB1, where the story is not only about you, but one where the choices you make matter.

It kicks off with creating yourself as a quarterback – even using “face editing” to get an improved likeness. Once you have your player, you begin in college, choosing from top schools to attend, then competing for a national championship in the college football playoffs. Be the BMOC and take home the title, but bring your A-game, because your performance in college – just like on the real collegiate gridiron – has an impact on your capabilities and your draft stock.

The NFL draft doesn’t just happen, though – the combine comes first. Ever-increasing in importance and scrutinization, the combine is a key part of the process. And here, if you want your stock to soar, you’ll need to focus on every rep and decision you make to keep your name rising on draft boards. Where will you get picked, and where will your NFL career start? You’ll find out on draft day!


No matter where you get drafted – from first round to last – once a team picks you, you’re going to have to show you belong playing with the pros. Whether you’re a first-rounder who needs to prove you were the perfect high pick, or a seventh-rounder busting your ass to make the roster, if you want success you have to work hard and make each opportunity count.

In the NFL, start building your legacy and taking your franchise to winning seasons, expanding your legend with each snap. It’s not about the cash your contracts rack up, but about how many Super Bowls you win as your legend grows. Give your all – and have fun – as you play your way into memorable moments. When you celebrate your career at the end, will you be remembered among the greats, placed alongside them in the Hall of Fame?

As you live your superstar story, Madden’s new Scenario Engine generates personalized playable scenarios, events, and dynamic challenges that tell the tale of a unique NFL career. Adding to it, in Face of the Franchise: QB1, like in Franchise mode, you choose your Archetype: Strong Arm, Scrambler, Improviser, Field General. Superstar abilities are tied to the Archetype you pick. Levelling up your archetypes unlocks different abilities.

It’s time for you to take your place as the face of the franchise.


While we heard fan feedback for a superstar experience, we also dove deep into the forums and reddit and worked with Gamechangers to round out Franchise mode in other ways, too. With that, here are a few more things to get you ready to break the huddle.

Pro Bowl Returns to Madden NFL 20

The first thing you’ll see while Madden NFL 20 sets up is the Pro Bowl. You can play the pro bowl while the game installs, and you will also have the opportunity to qualify for the Pro Bowl during your Franchise seasons. It’s another opportunity to gain valuable experience and add to your Legacy.

Ratings Spread

We’ve adjusted the range of ratings that you’ll see on players. What does this mean? As examples:

The ratings difference between a 90 OVR player and an 89 OVR player is now larger

Each skill point you spend will be more impactful, and you can earn more skill points over the course of a career

In some cases, you will now see a starter with an OVR in the mid-50s.

New Scenarios

We’ve added an all-new in-game system that generates personalized playable scenarios featuring interactions with characters via a variety of ways including branching dialogue, dynamic events that reflect your performance and choices, challenges that build the story of your unique NFL career (from the moment you sign your rookie contract to you Hall of Fame induction), and more.

Development Traits

We’ve made large updates to our Development Trait system to support Superstar and Zone abilities. The Development Traits in Madden 20 are: Normal, Star, Superstar, and Superstar X-Factor. Both Superstar and X-Factors players can earn Superstar Abilities, but only X-Factors can earn Zone Abilities. We’ve also addressed one of the communities’ biggest complaints: players dropping down in Development Trait. In Madden 20, players can no longer go down in Development Trait at the end of a season.

Coach Mode

Coach mode is also getting scenarios. And the changes to Development Traits have a big impact on Coach mode. Coaches will want to build up their teams with Superstars and X-Factor Superstars via Trades, free agency, and the draft. We’ve also added an overhauled lineup UI to make Franchise mode even smoother.

Contract Updates

We’ve taken a meticulous pass on existing player contracts to ensure they match the NFL. This will not only be more authentic, but it will also make managing your roster’s cap space more realistic.

Progression Updates

We’ve overhauled our progression tuning, including making changes to XP gains from weekly training, actions on the field, and goal completion. These changes should ultimately lead to users being able to increase the OVR of more players on their team meaning they have more option in how to develop their roster.

Draft Updates

We’ve taken a full pass on our Rookie Generators. People familiar with draft classes from the past few years are in for some new surprises, from names, to bodies, to ratings, and more.

One more draft surprise is that rookies with a Superstar Development or higher trait will have their development trait hidden until they’ve played through at least half of a season. These players have their abilities hidden until you reveal their Development Trait. This means that if you draft either a Superstar or an X-Factor Superstar you won’t know exactly what you’ve drafted until later in a season – use your preseason wisely.

Gameplay Effects Updated

We’ve implemented a ton of changes, like Throw Power overhauls to change QB trajectories. But that’s just one example! Tune in to our gameplay stream on 5/23 for more of the inside scoop on additions and changes you’ll find in Madden NFL 20.

Superturtle 06:29 AM 08-02-2019
Gameplay feels sharper than Madden 19. Running instantly feels a lot better.
Dayze 06:33 AM 08-02-2019
Are RBs able to run through a hole without getting sucked into a tackle animation that stops you dead in your tracks?

that's one of my frustrations when you hit a hole that's obviously there, and you get sucked into a defender who is engaged/being blocked and stops you in your tracks with an arm tackle.
Mecca 06:36 AM 08-02-2019
Originally Posted by Dayze:
Are RBs able to run through a hole without getting sucked into a tackle animation that stops you dead in your tracks?

that's one of my frustrations when you hit a hole that's obviously there, and you get sucked into a defender who is engaged/being blocked and stops you in your tracks with an arm tackle.
Do you like running out of the shotgun because that is far more prevalent.
Superturtle 06:39 AM 08-02-2019
Mahomes is fucking broken lol
Dayze 06:42 AM 08-02-2019
Originally Posted by Mecca:
Do you like running out of the shotgun because that is far more prevalent.
I mix it up pretty well. (in my mind at least). Can't recall off hand if the animation suction happens more in shotgun or non-shotgun formations.
mainly seems to happen when trying to run inside if memory serves.

and toss/stretch/power plays are seem to have the same issue when you have your DL or LB beat on the edge...I think I've got the outsie then the suction happens. Though, not 'as' often as running inside.

I'm mostly a sim player and try to have good run/pass balance; but 19 was really bad in the runing game . Of all the issues I had with 19..I think this running game/tackling suction was probably the biggest reason I just stopped playing after a month or so. If that could get cleaned up in 20, that would be huge for me.
Mecca 06:43 AM 08-02-2019
The running feels better, the 19 run game was pretty horrible. But I will warn you, if you are going to use the Chiefs you should prepare to be in Shotgun constantly and you need to figure out how to use the shotgun run game or you'll struggle.
Superturtle 06:43 AM 08-02-2019
One change I wholeheartedly approve of is when you go hurry up, the play just starts and there's a runoff depending on how far back you are on the field.
Superturtle 06:44 AM 08-02-2019
Figure out the Inside Zone out of shotgun. That was my best run in 19, and with the improvements it's probably even better in 20.
Mecca 06:48 AM 08-02-2019
Originally Posted by Superturtle:
One change I wholeheartedly approve of is when you go hurry up, the play just starts and there's a runoff depending on how far back you are on the field.
That seems to be 50/50 on if people like it or not, a guy was saying taking 3 seconds to run a no huddle is totally unrealistic.
Superturtle 06:59 AM 08-02-2019
:-) Watkins and Hitchens are getting cut immediately in Franchise. Those cap hits tho.
Mecca 07:02 AM 08-02-2019
That's odd, I find Watkins easy to use.
Superturtle 07:07 AM 08-02-2019
He's fine, but they actually gave him his real contract this year. 19 and 21 million cap hits.
dj56dt58 07:48 AM 08-02-2019
I am really liking this game

The flow is much better than past games. I really like how the game transitions from play to play or into a change of possession

The sound is much improved. The crowd is much better and you really get that feeling of Arrowhead when on Defense. Crowd noise has been dead in the past and is much much better. The sound of kicking the football is 100% dead on and hits sound good as well.

The game seems to play realistically stats wise (I play 8 min All pro sim). I typically end up with close to 300 passing yards with Mahomes and 30+ points. Unlike past Madden's, the games don't feel too easy or too hard. It feels like every play matters and one mistake and change the entire game.

Rocket linebacker seems to be fixed. I have only thrown a few picks and all of them were nice plays by the defensive player. I didn't feel cheated on any of them. 50/50 balls are much improved as well. In previous versions most 50/50 balls were picked but this year the receiver actually goes up to make a play on it. A lot of them are incomplete where in years passed they would have been intercepted while the receiver just stood there doing nothing

Player animations are a lot better..everything feels and looks real. There are a few glitches with players going through another player or a wall after a TD but can be patched.

I like the music they put in the that you would hear at an NFL game and it plays nicely in the background and not too loud..They seemed to get the stadium sounds just right.

Running is still a bit tough but once you realize you have to be patient and read your blocks at the line you will learn to hit the right hole and start having some success

RPOs can be frustrating at first with offensive linemen downfield penalties. You have to throw the ball right away to avoid this.

I am enjoying the game, it feels and sounds much more realistic than previous years. I Recommend picking it up
dj56dt58 07:50 AM 08-02-2019
Forgot to add..commentating could use some work. I've heard "He's stopped behind the line" as he picks up 8 yards a few too many times
Mecca 08:15 AM 08-02-2019
The only game that ever really got the crowd stuff right was that old NCAA, may have been back in the PS2 days or at least the earlier 360 days where they had the crowd meter and if it got up high it would totally fuck with the offense.
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