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View Poll Results: Do you believe that rigging the election put Biden over the top?
Yes 62 44.93%
No 62 44.93%
Unsure 14 10.14%
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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Do you believe that rigging the election put Biden over the top?
NinerDoug 11:38 AM 11-18-2020

Poll coming.
Merde Furieux 10:21 AM 11-20-2020
I completely believe that there was widespread election fraud. The indicators are overwhelming. Dozens of anomalies but only in states where large margins for Trump switched late to Biden and every anomaly, every bizarre event favored Biden.

Indeed, the algorithm calculated numbers that were identical at several periods of time in all the shady, Dhimmi run precincts simultaneously in 2 or 3 states.
Lex Luthor 10:27 AM 11-20-2020
Originally Posted by frozenchief:
I base my opinions on affidavits filed in court as well as mathematics. It appears you disagree. That’s fine but your opinion should be based on evidence, not what you wish were true or false.

With that in mind, Please present any contradictory evidence. That is, please compare number of votes with actual votes cast in the contested counties and districts. Please explain why, if voting turnout exceeds 95%, we should treat this election different than elections by Kim Jung Un, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein and other dictators who get more than 95% of votes while voting in a typical Western democracy rarely exceeds a 75% turnout.

You're basing your opinion on affidavits filed by the Trump/Giuliani Clown Show. Those idiots confused Michigan and Minnesota when they were gathering their "statistics".

OMG. The affidavit Sidney Powell and others are hyping when they say many precincts in Michigan have more votes than actual voters is .... based on data from Minnesota.

— Aaron Blake (@AaronBlake) November 20, 2020

kstater 10:30 AM 11-20-2020
Originally Posted by tyreekthefreak:
Why do you say there WEREN'T more votes than voters? Do you have more information than Trumps legal team? Hell no you don't! So why state shit you know nothing about?

What is it about Socialism that you like so much anyway??? Dumbass....

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kstater 10:31 AM 11-20-2020
Damn, lex beat me

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Loneiguana 12:37 PM 11-20-2020
Originally Posted by Loneiguana:
We are still waiting for you and Trump to give any evidence for your serious accusations against our elections. The affidavits you are relying on dont have said evidence. And again, if you think it does, please bold it. I'm waiting.

Let me help. For example, saying voters exceeding anticipated voters isnt evidence of everything. Anticipated is the key word there. Next.

In Wayne county. You claim without evidence 100 percent turnout and 95 percent turn out at 46 of 47 precincts with zero evidence.

But the official state turn out place the county at 62 percent turnout for the county. Next.

In the actual affidavit, he claims bellville township had 350 percent turnout (not based on evidence, but own data manipulation from info off the SoS website.

But the actual voter turnout in the county is 68 percent.

Also, affidavits are not evidence. At all. Courts dont accept affidavits as evidence by themselves. That is some serious wrong coming from a supposed lawyer.

Anyway, again, feel free to bold what you think is actual evidence. I'll keep waiting.
Dear Babbly Lee and Frozen,

You see how I read Frozen's post and opened the pdf and read through that? You noticed how I highlighted what I found to be unreliable information in this here post I'm quoting?

Notice how I, though very quick googling, was able to show the information in that affidavit seems very weak and fishy?

Now, did you guys happen to read Lex's post? He beat me to post it, but that was what I was going to say.

There was a reason why googling those specific vote totals and precincts with the State wasn't giving me anything but county results. The affidavit was comparing data from one State to data on a SoS's website for another state.

You two's mountain of meaningless and useless words cannot hide the absolute non-case and zero evidence Trump's team has.

And this stupid mistake that Frozen is fell for is the exact reason that courts do not treat affidavits as evidence, despite what a supposed lawyer says.

Originally Posted by :
Evidently a researcher, either Mr. Ramsland or someone working for him, was working with a database and confused “MI” for Minnesota with “MI” for Michigan. (The postal code for Minnesota is MN, while Michigan is MI, so one can see how this might happen.) So the affidavit, which addresses “anomalies and red flags” in Michigan, is based largely, and mistakenly, on data from Minnesota.

This is a catastrophic error, the kind of thing that causes a legal position to crash and burn.
chiefzilla1501 12:45 PM 11-20-2020
Originally Posted by frozenchief:
Here is a link to an affidavit filed in court regarding vote tallies in Michigan. The affidavit author works with a firm that handles cyber security and other issues, including election fraud. His affidavit points out:

1. Dominion software is unreliable, and he gives various reasons, including how easy it is to change votes in the software. Remember that some votes that went to Biden were actually for Trump and election officials claimed that this was a glitch and corrected the error.

2. There is evidence of a software glitch and yet no re-calibration was performed after the glitch. Further, if there was an observed glitch in one place, it is reasonable to believe that such a glitch may have occurred elsewhere and it is prudent to review election results to see if such glitches did occur elsewhere.

3. There are 19 districts in Michigan where the actual votes case exceed the anticipated number of voters

4. The vote numbers list decimal points, which strongly suggests that the machine is not basing its data output on actual votes but on models that estimate the number of votes based upon voting patterns. Put another way, there is no way to cast 1.3 ballots so seeing decimal points after the number of ballots is prima facie evidence (lawyer speak for evidence that is clear on its face) that the reported data is based not on actual votes cast but upon computer models. [the affidavit explains how those models work and why they are worrisome.]

5. The voting patterns were pretty consistent for Trump throughout the evening until a large spike of votes. The author of the affidavit writes about how many ballots the machines can physically process. He states that the number of votes received during that spike is physically impossible because the voting machines in those precincts could not physically process those votes. As he puts it, "The existence of the spike [of votes] is strongly indicative of a manual adjustment either by the operator of the system (see paragraph 12 above) or an attack by outside actors. In any event, there were 289,866 more ballots processed in the time available for processing in four precincts/townships, than there was capacity."

6. In Wayne County, 46 our of 47 precincts show voter turnout of 96+%, and 25 precincts show 100% voter turnout. "This pattern strongly suggests both the additive algorithm (a feature enhancement referred to as "ranked choice voting algorithm" or "RCV") was activated in the well as batch processing of blank votes."

His affidavit does not state that there was fraud or who committed fraud or anything like that. Instead, his affidavit says that these anomalies create doubt sufficient to justify an audit of the votes. He then lists all of the information and documentation that anyone would need to conduct an independent audit and evaluation of the votes. To me, this last point is quite significant. He isn't hysterical. He isn't demanding to overthrow the election. He is just saying that there are enough red flags, and red flags of sufficient size, that if we want confidence in our elections, we should have an independent audit.

Link to his affidavit is here:

an affidavit is sworn testimony. It is, in fact, evidence. So if you think that there is no "evidence" about voter fraud, you are in fact denying that this affidavit exists. A more accurate statement would be, "I disagree with the evidence to doubt that election results are accurate."

I do not really care about your conclusion. I care about your reasoning. So if you disagree with the evidence, presented, why? I don't mean that you hate Trump and want to see him lose. I mean what evidence do you have that this affidavit's assertions are incorrect? And if you think the election results are accurate, do you oppose an independent audit? If the results are accurate, why would you oppose an independent audit?
The 143K ballot dump in Wisconsin has been debunked a million times. This was a planned and standard drop that included absentee ballots which were dropped in one big batch, and to no surprise they were predominantly Biden. They were not 100% Biden. I haven't seen anything that these votes were only for Biden and nobody else. I find that really hard to believe.

There are a million reasons why voter turnout % would be high. Same day voter registration, provisional voting, change in address, voting in the wrong precinct. Most importantly relying on inconsistent and typically very outdated data of total registered voters. Detroit as a whole only had about 2K more people vote in this election than the last, for as much as you want to point out Wayne County.
Loneiguana 12:51 PM 11-20-2020
Originally Posted by chiefzilla1501:

There are a million reasons why voter turnout % would be high. Same day voter registration, provisional voting, change in address, voting in the wrong precinct. Most importantly relying on inconsistent and typically very outdated data of total registered voters. Detroit as a whole only had about 2K more people vote in this election than the last, for as much as you want to point out Wayne County.
The is only one reason.

The data is from a different state completely. Its completely and utterly wrong.

3 minute google searches I did this morning quickly showed it wrong, based on official country voter turnout records.

Yet Trumpers fall for it time and time again, post long meaningless rants acting like they have a case and thump their chest, yet they cannot even do the basic fact checking.

Its just sad.
Merde Furieux 01:11 PM 11-20-2020
A recount with zero signature verification, zero to little GOP representation, absentee ballots from dead people counted etc is a fake recount. It’s like eating shit -or Donger's cooking- a second time and expecting it to taste different.
Baby Lee 06:28 PM 11-20-2020
Originally Posted by Baby Lee:
Thinking it and proving it are two different animals altogether.
What's more concerning is the complete lack of interest from the currently satisfied side.
This is one election, driven by unprecedented passions. Things will be different going forward, and you're as likely to find yourself on the dissatisfied side as satisfied in future contests.
It's very troubling that there is a strong correlation between how hastily constructed and/or dependent on technology a system is, and how much it differed from longstanding transparent systems like day-of in-person voting.
And you can pshaw, or handwave, but that 'troubling' sense is going to linger for a lot of people unless meaningful steps are made to reinforce and institute measures to move back to reliable and transparent procedures.
If elections become 'something that gets decided by a computer in some warehouse somewhere' instead of a valid and accurate reflection of the will of the participants, that's going to erode confidence measurably and enduringly.
And circling back to the blase and dismissive attitude of the currently satisfied side, this also rings hollow because they have largely been making the same arguments they now find ridiculous repeatedly and passionately in the past, which indicates that they are more satisfied in the result than they are satisfied in the accuracy and validity.
This . . . is PBS


One week before the election.

PBS (Public Broadcasting Systems) does a deep dive on Georgia's use of Dominion Voting Systems machines.

What they found was troubling.🔽

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) November 13, 2020

IowaHawkeyeChief 06:30 PM 11-20-2020
Originally Posted by Baby Lee:
This . . . is PBS

wait for it... PBS=Breitbart in 5..4..3..2..
OrtonsPiercedTaint 06:41 PM 11-20-2020
The longer this goes on with no result. The more people can step away & question the President's mental state.
Just Passin' By 06:44 PM 11-20-2020
Originally Posted by OrtonsPiercedTaint:
The longer this goes on with no result. The more people can step away & question the President's mental state.

People can "step away & question the President's mental state" whenever the hell they want. It's irrelevant. What's going to matter is the big court cases that we are likely to see.
OrtonsPiercedTaint 06:46 AM 11-21-2020
Maybe with Trump's signs of mental illness. He can be a great ex- President & work with the homeless
Lex Luthor 06:59 AM 11-21-2020
For everyone who is desperately clinging to the conspiracy theory about Dominion Software:
Merde Furieux 10:21 AM 11-21-2020
By its campaign and conduct of the 2020 election, the ruling class ceased pretending to be part of a constitutional republic. By treating fellow Americans as inferiors through word and deed, its members renounced their common citizenship with us. Eschewing persuasion, they set about compelling obedience to an openly manipulated election.

Thus did they burn their bridges to the rest of America as surely as did Hernán Cortéz when he burned the ships that had carried his troops to conquer the Aztec empire. Henceforth, they must rule or ruin as the oligarchy they have become.

For four decades beginning in the mid-1960s, a class of rulers grew in America. They became ever more uniform socially and intellectually, ever more opposed to the rest of Americans, and ever more powerful. This happened as government took upon itself the tasks of eliminating poverty and harmonizing the races, and as it controlled ever greater shares of the national income.

Increasingly, their powers were based on claims of expertise coming from the universities. These underwent a fourfold increase in size (from 9 percent of Americans with four-year degrees in 1965 to 36 percent in 2015). Their connection with government conferred both wealth and additional prestige. Few paid attention to President Eisenhower’s warning about the connection between government and academic elites.
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