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Nickhead 11:59 PM 03-17-2020
It's been cancelled for a few years now, and I have made reference about it occasionally here. Given the current situation, if you really want to binge watch something that is like real life, but with some dramatic effect:

As well, there are many familiar faces as far as UK actors.

I am re-watching it for probably the fourth or fifth time. But the storyline couldn't be any less eerie.

I guess the only question would be, how available would it be to most of you?
Nickhead 02:33 AM 03-18-2020
It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Misfits from years past.

I could actually see David Lynch doing something like this :-) :-)
Nickhead 03:57 PM 08-01-2020
So the time has come for an american adaptation of this UK series. The cast alone show how good the original was.

Can't wait: Amazon TV