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The Lounge>What are you Smoking/Grilling/BBQ'ing this weekend?
BigRedChief 03:48 PM 07-03-2015
What are you up to this weekend?

I finally gave up on my smoker and decided to get a new smoker. I went with a bigger model but less tech. Yes, its a cheater electric smoker. My 3rd one. I need more space to cook, I don't need help getting my smoke and temp right. :-)

I've also never used injection for flavor except for pork butt or other big cuts of meat. I decided to give it a try. I developed my own injection. Basically like the other recipes you have out on the internet but I'm putting the rub in the injection and using sirracchi.

Full results not in yet but my son and I think its the best sausage we have ever had.

No sauce. Marinated the meat overnight. Injected the meat. Slow cooked the ribs and chicken. Baste it with a combo of butter and apple juice. Using a combination of Apple, Mesquite, Cherry and Hickory wood.
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cooper barrett 11:39 PM 07-23-2020

Originally Posted by BigRedChief:
Damn, I want to be this good some day.

cooper barrett 11:13 PM 07-24-2020
I was given a whole chuck roll.

One butt roast now headed to freezer

trimmed and split chuck roll put beef rub on 1/2 and salt and pepper, onion, and garlic granules on the other.

I may freeze 1 of the 1.2's

so line up is: 1/2 chuck roll (Angus prime) and 1 butt roast

my cost $7 See that 3 bagger
cooper barrett 05:39 PM 07-26-2020
Chuck roll 17 hours at 200 on the Stick burner

Fucking awesome beef flavor It was choice grade angus but it looked more like prime grade
GloryDayz 07:57 AM 08-01-2020
The remaining pork belly piece has been cut into strips, cubed, seasoned, and into the smoker that's rolling apple and cherry smoke at 275. Let's hope this effort works out better than my last failure a couple of weeks ago that was making bacon with the other half of the belly.

[Reply] 07:59 AM 08-01-2020
Lookin good
Pablo 08:00 AM 08-01-2020
Fingers crossed for ya. Betting these will be great.
Hoover 08:23 AM 08-01-2020
Prepping for a family trip to Colorado this weekend.

I'm basically the Chuck Wagon. I don't like to spend vacation time cooking besides maybe grilling, so I do meal prep before, freed it, then use my Yeti cooler as a freezer for the drive out. I'm making a ton of food this weekend.

First thing is two smoked Chuck Roasts - which I intend to pull for sandwiches or tacos
Next is a pork shoulder for pulled pork. I also smoke some porkbelcy burnt ends like above which I pull and mix in with the pork for a better sandwich.
cooper barrett 09:48 AM 08-01-2020

I'm smoking rain.

and some more rain and probably more rain before it's over
GloryDayz 10:40 AM 08-01-2020
After a quick morning ride with some friends, the next two steps are ready to go. The next step will be to put them in a fool pan, add brown sugar, some honey, and some butter, cover, then back on the smoker for an hour and a half. Once that's done, transfer to a new foil pan, apply the glaze, the 15 minutes on the smoker.

The glaze is 1 cup of sweet BBQ sauce, 1/4 cup apple juice, 1/4 cup apple jelly.

I peeked for a quick second, and they're looking awesome.

lewdog 12:07 PM 08-01-2020
Nice work. Can't wait for the final pictures.
GloryDayz 01:21 PM 08-01-2020
And here they are. And while I'm always tough on my cooking, not this time, I nailed it. And the folks I ride with this morning are buying a pork belly and are going to make it. And, as usual, the neighbors tend to know when I'm done, they appeared and "were just wondering what I was making today", LOL. Needless to say there's nothing left. Yeah, many said it was my best work ever. Not bad for copying a BBQ postmaster from YouTube.. Ha..

Here ya go... And we're going to Costco today, I hope they have some pork bellies. :-)

BryanBusby 02:31 PM 08-01-2020
Doing some hot and fast garlic parmesan ribs today
SupDock 02:40 PM 08-01-2020
Wife got me a Traeger for my birthday. Thru on a pork shoulder today!
KCUnited 03:29 PM 08-01-2020
Hough’d it turn out?
SupDock 04:24 PM 08-01-2020
Originally Posted by KCUnited:
Hough’d it turn out?
Haha, killed by voice to text.
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