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Bowser 11:09 AM 01-04-2014
Old one is crapping out the server, per the new guidelines.

Browse the old thread that is chock full of goodness here -
scho63 11:34 AM 07-27-2020
Originally Posted by Baby Lee:
How much did you know LL before this movie?
I had seen her in a few guest roles and saw her quirky personality. She has a super high energy level that's for sure.

I think she was the star of the movie for sure.

It's funny how Adam Sandler always makes sure to have a role for Rob Schneider. He was funny in what he did in this movie.

Sandlers wife Jackie also pulled off a good performance.
Hammock Parties 07:57 AM 07-30-2020
Ya'll should watch this shit with your SO. :-)

Literally everyone in this movie is an asshole, except John Krasinski.

Jenson71 09:19 PM 07-31-2020
Recent movies I’ve seen (multiple times):

Moana (2016): 4.5/5 stars. Now that I’ve memorized every line of the first 45 minutes, I have come to realize that Moana is my favorite movie heroine of all time. Great music. Animation is unremarkable. Humor works for all ages.

The Good Dinosaur (2015): 4/5 stars. The animation in this is outstanding. Do yourself the favor of watching the first 15 minutes to see beautiful art. Writing is average. Lack of songs detracts from the rewatch-ability rating.
Coochie liquor 10:07 AM 08-01-2020
Watched “No Beast So Fierce” on Amazon last night. Wow, was a good movie with lots of tension. We both enjoyed it.

lawrenceRaider 06:52 AM 08-02-2020
Not new, but I searched the forum and didn't find it. Deathgasm is a hell of a lot of fun, if you like B horror.

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