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The Lounge>Christian McCaffreys.....
Ubeja Vontell 05:55 PM 09-06-2019
....grandpa, the great Dave Sime. Lyle Lovett the starter? (a funny)

Lane one.

He was also a 9.3 WR holder and is still considered to be one of fastest white sprinters ever.

The other Americans there were future NFLers Ray Norton Niners and Frank Budd Eagles, both were busts.

McCaffrey had "good" speed in HS but nothing special.


Will we ever see another white cornerback?


How long before the fact Kyler Murray was a mistake is exposed?


Drew Brees will pass Peyton as the TD king with 20 TD passes, Adrian Peterson will move past Jerome Bettis into 7th place all time rusher with about 350 yards.


This is hard to believe.....


on the road....Vikes
on the road.....Colts
in London vs Bears
at Packers
at Texans



Has there ever been a more potent long ball combo than Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill?
Dayze 06:21 AM 09-13-2019

carcosa 06:34 AM 09-13-2019
Originally Posted by Ubeja Vontell:
Here is a thread you started slugger....

....that got....0....replies and I noticed you have a lot of failed threads. So ya might wanna shut the **** up, you are in no position to play it?

Wanna see another...nobody cares....thread of yours slick?

Dude, a....0....????

You might wanna cool playing critic, ok amigo?

Have another....


Dude, worry about you, ok?
Very normal stuff here
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