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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Michael Avenatti is a Superstar
Lex Luthor 12:16 AM 05-20-2018
Michael Avenatti is Donald Trump's second-worst nightmare.

The honor of being Donald Trump's worst nightmare obviously goes to Robert Mueller, as Mueller is slowly but surely tightening the noose on the Russian Colluder in Chief. But Mueller is running a tight ship. No leaks are coming from Mueller's team, and Mueller himself is very tight-lipped about what he has found.

This is where Michael Avenatti joins the party. He goes on all of the talk shows and exposes Trump and his lackey Giuliani as the fools that they are.

It is unlikely that Avenatti has any information that Mueller does not. But Avenatti is doing something that Mueller cannot. He is fighting (and clearly winning) the battle of public opinion. He is beating trump at his own game: A media barrage where he is always at the center.

When feeble old Giuliani declared that Avenatti is an "ambulance chaser", Avenatti responded with this hilarious and epic takedown:

Rudy Giuliani - the only “ambulance” I have ever chased in my career is the one you are driving right now in a desperate attempt to save this presidency. Any time you would like to compare our legal careers and cases over the last 15 yrs, I would be happy to. #sirens #basta

— Michael Avenatti (@MichaelAvenatti) May 3, 2018

Another awesome tweet from Michael Avenatti, Superstar:

This is getting too easy. What an absolute train wreck this guy is. EVERY time!!! #Embarrassment #TimeForPasture #DazedConfused #Basta

Unfair!’ Rudy Giuliani explodes when CNN’s Cuomo plays clip of him saying presidents must obey subpoenas via rawstory

— Michael Avenatti (@MichaelAvenatti) May 18, 2018

Just Passin' By 08:15 PM 02-14-2020

LiveSteam 10:08 PM 02-14-2020
Originally Posted by neech:
Someone needs to check on Lex.

These are desperate and sad times for him.

APB for Alex Luthor
Dont worry. Where Michael is going. They will let Lex have conjugal visits
neech 11:03 PM 02-14-2020
Originally Posted by Bump:
The MSM totes isn't just propaganda!

This is porn material for Lex Loser.
Reerun_KC 07:18 AM 02-15-2020
Lex best bet would be to set this thread to ignore.
Msmith 08:22 AM 02-15-2020
Would Avenatti sue Sasse for calling him Grade A scumbag?
seamonster 01:36 PM 02-15-2020
Originally Posted by Msmith:
Would Avenatti sue Sasse for calling him Grade A scumbag?
Avenatti's been removed from the public (for good reason) and is locked up in county. And even if he wasn't rotting in a jail cell you can't bring a slander law suit against someone because they called you a douchebag. "Sir. Are you a DOUCHEBAG? No your honor, I am not a douchebag"

BTW the liberals conveniently chose to forget all about this character beating his girlfriend while he was parading around on their Cable news shows. And that was during the metoo outrage. That's how far the TDS crowd went with this piece of human garbage. It's unbelievable.
Just Passin' By 02:11 PM 02-15-2020

i don't care what sentence Avenatti gets. he's not the problem. it's the drooling media who enabled this grifter. Think about it: the people who mock you for your so-called ignorance fell for this charlatan. These are people who laugh at you. You must now laugh at them.

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) February 15, 2020

SuperBowl4 02:31 PM 02-15-2020
"All of my sexual fantasies involve handcuffs" - Michael Avenatti :-)
SuperBowl4 02:34 PM 02-15-2020
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
Who owns the media?
petegz28 04:41 PM 02-15-2020
Originally Posted by SuperBowl4:
Who owns the media?
Owns or controls????
JohnnyHammersticks 08:03 AM 02-23-2020
DO something, Lex! Your Superstar is SUFFERING!!

Michael Avenatti moved to different jail after hitting ‘breaking point’
By Michael KaplanFebruary 22, 2020 | 4:36pm |

On Feb. 14, disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti was found guilty on all charges of trying to bilk $23.5 million from Nike, and now faces up to 42 years in prison. But there’s one thing for him to be happy about: He’s finally been moved out of the downtown Manhattan jail cell he despises.

The attorney, who represented porn star Stormy Daniels in a failed 2018 suit against Donald Trump, was arrested last March and charged with attempting to extort the shoe brand over illegally funneled payments to college basketball players.

In January, ahead of his trial, he was transferred from a California facility to the notorious 10 South — a jail deep inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center in TriBeCa that Avenatti’s Miami-based attorney Scott Srebnick described to The Post as “sheer dehumanization.”

In a January letter of protest, Srebnick complained that the temperature of the 8’-x-10’ cell was in the mid 40s and that his client was “forced to sleep with three blankets … [and] not permitted to shave.” In the summer the temperature reportedly becomes debilitatingly hot.

Avenatti was transferred to 5 South, a general population facility, on Thursday, after one of his defense attorneys, Danya Perry, wrote an appeal to MCC — saying Avenatti had reached a “breaking point.”

theoldcoach 10:25 AM 02-23-2020
**ck Avenatti.
Munson 10:33 AM 02-23-2020
Superstar can't handle the prison life.

Lex should send him a care package full of cigarettes, lube, and naughty pictures of Stormy Daniels. :-)
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