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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Virginia Dem: Gun-Rights Rally Was ‘Terrorism’
Merde Furieux 05:52 AM 01-23-2020


A Virginia Democrat said Tuesday that Second Amendment supporters who protested new gun-control legislation at the Virginia State Capitol had "terrorized Richmond."

House Delegate Lee Carter, a self-professed democratic socialist, accused participants in Monday's peaceful protest of menacing lawmakers, saying the thousands of "idiots" who demonstrated would only embolden the Democratic majority on gun control.

"The ‘pro-gun' people that terrorized Richmond yesterday probably don't realize that all they did was tag team with fascists, strengthen the liberals' resolve to pass gun control bills, and force the most gun-friendly Dem (me) to not show up for a day," Carter said. "Idiots. Absolute idiots."
Chief Northman 10:47 AM 02-17-2020
Originally Posted by Prison Bitch:
So how did the gun rally turn out? Let me tell you: the VA legislature ignored it like a burp from a dinner guest and passed the law anyway.

That’s what you get when you allow a million immigrants to colonize your state. Gun owners were warned what this would do to their gun rights but didn’t listen - didn’t wanna be callled “racist”.

Hahahhaha Hahahhaha.

But I get your point.
LiveSteam 11:00 AM 02-17-2020
Originally Posted by 2bikemike:
Virginia lawmakers reject assault weapon ban

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's push to ban the sale of assault weapons failed on Monday after some of his fellow Democrats balked at the proposal
I just read this. Guess PB should go shoot a gun for the first time.
What kind of a grown male. Has never fired a gun?
listopencil 02:44 AM 02-18-2020
Originally Posted by listopencil:
Why is there a Soviet flag being displayed behind this guy?

By the way...

Fairfax delegate apologizes to fellow Democratic Del. Lee Carter for hammer-and-sickle joke

A Democratic delegate from Fairfax County delivered a public apology to Del. Lee Carter on the floor of the House of Delegates Monday after Keam jokingly displayed a Soviet hammer-and-sickle image behind Carter as Carter spoke against a bill he said could harm low-income Virginians. Del. Mark Keam, D-35th, said he violated decorum rules of the state’s lower chamber by “making jest of one of my colleagues.” Keam went on to add that members sometimes “go overboard by laughing and having fun with each other during our debates,” but said committee meetings should not “be a place where we bring juvenile jokes.” “I apologize to the body and my good friend from Prince William for putting [him] in that position, and I will try to live up to my standards for this body going forward,” Keam said. Keam’s remarks were made after the stunt, which was captured on the official House of Delegates’ video stream of a morning meeting of the House Finance Committee.
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