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BigRedChief 11:49 PM 06-07-2018
Tarantino's 1969 Summer of love in LA/Manson pic has added

Al Pacino
Damian Lewis
Luke Perry
Emile Hirsch
Dakota Fanning
Clifton Collins Jr
Keith Jefferson
Nicholas Hammond in supporting roles for a lineup that already includes:
Leonardo DiCaprio
Brad Pitt
Margot Robbie
Burt Reynolds
Timothy Olyphant
Michael Madsen
Tim Roth
Dewey Crow as Manson

This is going to be one epic movie.

'Hamas' Jenkins 01:49 PM 09-02-2019
Watched it last night by myself, as my kids were out of town and my wife was at work.

That may have been the most singularly enjoyable movie experience I can remember. What a great catharsis, especially after watching the second season of Mindhunter.

"Everybody all right?"

"Well...the fuckin'' hippies aren't; that's for goddamn sure."

:-) :-)
'Hamas' Jenkins 01:51 PM 09-02-2019
When I saw the Lee-Cliff scene you know what I thought of? The Bruce Lee-Mike Tyson thread on here. It's clear that Tarantino and Cliff share my sentiments as well.
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