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The Lounge>Any Bourbon drinkers out there?
The Poz 01:04 PM 06-19-2008
I've heard some good things about Buffalo Trace Bourbon.

Can't get it up here north of the border but, through a wine distributer I am able to order a case. Would like to hear from someone who knows their stuff and has tried it before I order.

[Reply] 06:19 PM 08-31-2019
Originally Posted by OnTheWarpath15:
Sounds good. I'll pay you outright or we can work out a trade. I have quite the stash right now.

What does it normally go for?
I wanna say around 90 but Iím not sure.
Raiderhader 10:03 PM 08-31-2019
Originally Posted by vailpass:
Class? You sure you have the right guy? Bar I'm at has Makers and I usually go there halfway through.
The good sippin' whiskey is fine when it's time but I'll never be too good for bar whiskey
I know, right? Iíve never associated classiness with Denver fans. :-)
J Diddy 10:15 PM 08-31-2019
Sipping on some door gunner. Local distillery. Good stuff.
Boiled Chicken 05:54 PM 10-03-2019
My lord...if you haven’t tried the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, do!
lewdog 02:07 PM 10-12-2019
Close enough.

And yeah, it's good.

Raiderhader 03:49 PM 10-12-2019
Baby sat my 11 month old niece today and my brother brought me a bottle of Makerís 46. Itís been a while since Iíve sipped on this delicious bourbon. I had forgotten just how much I like it.
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