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SuperChief 01:47 PM 08-22-2019
I'm thinking about getting a new set, and I have no idea where to begin. What is best? What do you work with? What should I stay away from? Halp, plz.

loochy 05:52 PM 08-23-2019
Originally Posted by Randallflagg:
About 7-8 years ago my Wife says "I'd like a nice set of knives for the kitchen" so I bought a set of Wusthof knives. Great knives from Germany. Today, they are still going strong and look like the day they were purchased. We keep them sharpened and they are like razor blades. Yep - they were expensive, but well worth it.

The same can be said for my moderately cheap costco knives (except the expensive part)
Fire Me Boy! 07:39 AM 08-31-2019
Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
Worst thing they've ever done for their reputation is have stupid High School kids selling them door to door.

That's a solid knife and most people think they're a joke because of how they're marketed. My 2 Cutco's are my most used knives.

I also have a Misen chef's knife that I like. I don't think the steel is quite as durable as they claim, but it's on par with any $80-100 knife. It's just not this crazy advanced space-aged kind of shit that never needs sharpening. The advantage of the Misen is that the blade angle is a little steeper so it seems to slide better. The disadvantage is that I think it's a little 'grabby' on the cutting board so it doesn't rock chop as well as some. It's a good knife but maybe not the fastest. An added advantage is they have free lifetime sharpening so if it's your #2 knife, that's perfect. You'll always have a sharp blade handy if you send it off to get sharpened/returned.

I have a large Victorinox slicing knife and if you actually need it, it's really the only thing that will do the job. Excellent knife but of very limited application.

If you're getting knives my recommendation would be to 'size up'. Most of the smaller knives in your block will get very little use and as a general rule you always want to use the LARGEST knife that will do the job you're asking. They're just more stable and safer than trying to use a smaller one. They're like screwdrivers in that way - if a better head and longer handle fits the screw, use it. Always size up.

So don't go getting that stupid 'petite' french chef knife thinking the smaller blade makes for more precise work - it really doesn't and that knife is generally worthless. If you have that one and a full size, within a month you'll be reaching for the full size every time. Stick with bigger more often than not; they feel better in your hand, they require less pressure and the extra length allows for more graduated angles that rock better, etc... They just work better.
Did you get the Misen as the Kickstarter? I got two from it. They're OK. They're the third knives I reach for after my Tojiro and Victorinox.
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