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Great Expectations 11:38 AM 11-18-2020
I recently purchased an Xbox Series X. I still have an Xbox One S. I only have one xbox game pass ultimate. Is it possible to play on Xbox Live on both consoles at the same time without purchasing another live subscription?
Mecca 11:48 AM 11-18-2020
Uh I'm not sure you can do it at the same time...but I don't have a series X so no idea honestly.
Pants 11:57 AM 11-18-2020
Pretty sure XBL is tied to your MS account and not the console itself. So yes, it should probably work.
htismaqe 12:45 PM 11-18-2020
I don't know if this has changed but when the XBOne came out, you could NOT play on a 360 and XBOne at the same time with the same account.