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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>"All 22" Thoughts
Direckshun 07:46 AM 09-17-2020
I'm going to just shove my collection of thoughts from All 22 footage throughout the season in this thread.

Feel free to add your own, to agree/disagree/shit on my thoughts, to ignore this thread.

This thread is a sandbox.
Direckshun 08:00 AM 09-17-2020
First half of the Texans game:

CasselGotPeedOn 08:50 AM 09-17-2020
Good stuff.
Bowser 05:18 PM 09-17-2020
On the DJ run, Sneed just bounces off of DJ's hip as he tries a half hearted hit-him-and-try-to-knock-him-OOB attempt. He could have saved the touchdown if he would have just wrapped up the tackle, but that's a good teaching moment for Spags. Sneed will learn from that.
Direckshun 11:45 PM 09-29-2020
Ravens game, first Ravens drive.

Deberg_1990 08:46 AM 09-30-2020
Love these. Keep em coming Direck
Direckshun 09:41 PM Yesterday
First quarter: