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Rain Man 12:15 AM 03-22-2009
The original post is below in blue, but let's summarize it here based on the past few years.

1. If you're a new player, start with the current Chiefs roster. If you've been playing for a while you'll have your own evolved roster.

2. You can add any free agent that the Chiefs add.

3. You lose any free agent that the Chiefs lose, but only if they were on the Chiefs' roster when you began playing.

4. You can accept or reject any trade the Chiefs make as long as any Chiefs player involved is currently on your roster.

5. You do not get players that the Chiefs draft. You draft your own players, using the same draft picks that the Chiefs have.

6. You can trade down ONE time before the draft or after the draft. If you trade down before the draft, you get up to full value for your pick according to this chart: If you trade down after the draft, the value of the picks you trade must be discounted by at least 35 percent. Any trade down must involve only the picks of one NFL team, and you cannot receive more than two picks more than you give up. (In other words, if you trade away one draft pick you cannot pick up more than three in return.) The other team's picks also must be picks that they held prior to the opening of the draft.

6. You can trade up ONE time before the draft or after the draft. If you trade up before the draft, you get up to full value for your pick according to this chart: If you trade up after the draft, the value of the picks you trade must be discounted by at least 15 percent. Any trade up must involve only the picks of one NFL team. The other team's picks also must be picks that they held prior to the opening of the draft.

7. By the beginning of the season, you must reduce your total roster to include only 53 players.

Original post: You can ignore this now.


Added Rules and Reminders:

1. Remember that you can draft undrafted rookies, so you don't have to select only guys who were drafted.

2. Anyone can change their rookie draft selections at any time, UNTIL we reach ten days before training camp. At that point, all picks will be locked in.

3. Each team can do ONE trade of draft picks if they like, using this chart: However, if you're trading up, you have to pay 15 percent more than the stated value of the picks you're obtaining. If you're trading down, your pick's value will be discounted by 35 percent.

For example, if you want to trade up from the 20th pick in the 1st to the 10th pick, you can see from the chart that the 20th pick is worth 850 points. The 10th pick is normally 1,300 points, but by paying 15 percent more, it will cost you 1.15*1,300, or 1,495 points.

For example, if you want to trade down from the 20th pick in the 1st and pick up the 10th pick in the 2nd, your 20th pick would normally be worth 850 points, but in this game it will be worth 553 points. The 10th pick in the 2nd is worth 480 points, so you can get 73 points back from the other team.

You can do only ONE draft-pick trade up and ONE draft-pick trade down, and in each case you can only trade with one other team for their own picks. (In other words, you couldn't take the 73 points in the above example from a third team.)

kccrow 11:12 PM 04-25-2020
Don't know if I'll be around much for a while so I'm going to post this right away...

I come into this offseason with a serious need to add upper-echelon talents to the defensive line and depth at LB, CB, and WR.

Draft capital includes an extra 2nd round pick from the Dee Ford trade but no 6th or 7th round picks due to trading for Darron Lee and Jordan Lucas, leaving me with 1-32, 2-63, 2-64, 3-96, 4-138, and 5-177.

I made the decision not to do a pre-draft trade, which may be a blessing in disguise at this point. In any event, I will make an in-draft trade down sending my 3rd round pick #96 to the Chicago Bears for their 4th round pick #125, 5th round pick #163, and 7th round pick #226. The 96th pick is valued at 116 points and has a discounted value of 75.4 points. The Bears picks are worth 47, 26.2, and 1 point respectively, adding up to 74.2 points.

I don't accept the Chiefs trade of a 2021 6th for 7th round #237.

With that, here's the Superior Yetis Draft:

1-32 - DT Ross Blacklock, TCU (6'3" 290, HOU #40)
I had my eyes fixated on taking Tee Higgins, Michael Pittman Jr., or Brandon Aiyuk early on but doing so would put me in a difficult spot to get impact defensive tackles that I desperately need. Blacklock is a penetrating defensive lineman that can consistently push the pocket and make plays and was widely regarded as the 3rd rated defensive tackle in this draft. In the actual NFL, Blacklock should be an immediate starter at 3-4 DE opposite JJ Watt which should bode well for my team going forward.

2-63 (f/SF) - LB Logan Wilson, Wyoming (6'2" 241, CIN #65)
Unlike the Chiefs, I'm not hinging my hopes and prayers at LB to a guy that isn't smart and hasn't produced on the field. Instead, I'm going with a guy that has had outstanding production and a player most analysts have called the most complete linebacker in this draft. This isn't necessarily an immediate need with Damien Wilson, Anthony Hitchens, and Cole Holcomb all starters, but improving over Hitchens and Wilson in the final year of his contract are certainly the biggest consideration here.

2-64 - DT Justin Madubuike, Texas A&M (6'3" 293, BAL #71)
After spending a 3rd round pick on Harrison Phillips at DT in 2018, he had a stellar rookie season only to tear his ACL early in 2019 and miss the year. I expected to have him back at least as a strong rotational player but the signings of Quinton Jefferson and Vernon Butler this offseason by the Bills has me concerned about Phillips so I basically have to find two starters in this draft. I'm going to bring in one of Mel Kiper's favorites here in Madubuike who may not start in 2020 and may marinate behind Derek Wolfe (1-year deal), but he should be in the mix immediately and become a starter in 2021 to, hopefully, give me outstanding bookends for my defensive front. Between Madubuike and Blacklock I should have myself a penetrating defensive front that can make plays.

4-125 (f/CHI) - WR Gabriel Davis, Central Florida (6'2" 216, BUF #128)
I have an obvious need at WR after Tyler Boyd and Sammy Watkins with a practice squad bandit in Cody Thompson, a current free agent in Rashad Higgins, and a roster bubble guy in Olabisi Johnson rounding out my corps, plus Watkins is a free agent after 2020. Davis is a guy that has an opportunity to immediately become a #3 receiver and eventually much more as he develops. This is a guy that can come in and push the field vertically as well as be a matchup problem as a big-bodied possession type but he will have to develop his route tree and route-running ability.

4-138 - CB L'Jarius Sneed, Louisiana Tech (6'0" 192, KC #138)
I had to go into this thing thinking about CB because my depth behind Breeland (on a 1-year deal) and Byron Murphy consists of Holton Hill and he may only be a 4th corner. Like the Chiefs, I was high on Sneed coming into this. I think Sneed projects as a CB on the next level and I think that's where KC will look to play him, but he also can be an interchangeable piece in the secondary and provide you with different looks. Sneed comes with alot of speed and is physical in the route, which I really think is something needed in a division now loaded with speed receivers.

5-163 (f/CHI) - ER Curtis Weaver, Boise State (6'2" 265, MIA #164)
When I originally made the trade down, my eyes were initially on another Boise State player, WR John Hightower. The problem is that Hightower is going to an extremely crowded receiver room and his career trajectory comes into question. Weaver is a guy, where you have to listen to Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah and agree that college sack production usually translates to the pro game and Weaver has it in spades. This isn't a guy that looks like he's a 34 sack guy, but he's got some good athleticism, multiple moves, and he bends at the top of his arc well. I think you put this guy into an NFL strength and conditioning program and they'll mold this kid's body and strength and he could be a sneaky good player in Miami's 3-4 as a stand-up edge rusher. I'm not hurting for pass rushers, but this is a guy I feel like is a day 2 pick that fell and is too good of a value.

5-177 - WR Donovan Peoples-Jones, Michigan (6'2" 212, CLE #187)
I needed to come into this draft probably looking for two receivers and preferably one early, but I'm coming out with both of them late. I just can't come out of this with only one receiver and have to hedge my bets. I'm hinging hopes to Peoples-Jones who I really like as an athlete and traits-based guy. He's an explosive player that can do a lot of things but he's not consistent. He should have a great opportunity in Cleveland to put himself into the #3 role behind Landry and Beckham, Jr, and eventually become more should Cleveland unlock his incredible potential.

7-226 (f/CHI) - CB Thakarius "Bopete" Keyes, Tulane (6'1" 202, KC #237)
My CB room is depleted as noted in the Sneed pick, so going after multiple guys there is important. I really liked Keyes as a sleeper prospect and was thrilled when the Chiefs moved a 2021 6th for the rights to snag him in the 7th. I don't have to make the same move here, having a perfectly slotted pick from my trade down to take him a bit earlier. Keyes is another in-your-face CB with size and athleticism that may help the secondary moving forward.

Preliminary Roster (add UDFAs later)


Rain Man 08:46 PM 04-26-2020
Okay, here are our picks in general. Figure out what you've got to work with.

#2-63 - If Dee Ford was on your roster and you accepted the trade last year, you get this pick. If both of those things aren't true, you don't get the pick.
#2-64 - If you rejected the Frank Clark trade, you get this pick. If you accepted the Frank Clark trade, you don't get it.
#6-211 - You get this pick if you did not accept the Darron Lee trade, OR if Darron Lee was not on your roster when you started playing.
#7-237 - You get this pick if you accept the draft day trade to give up the Chiefs' 2021 6th round pick.
#7-246 - You get this pick if you did not accept the Jordan Lucas trade, OR if Jordan Lucas was not on your roster when you started playing.
Rain Man 08:48 PM 04-26-2020
As for me, here are my picks.


I'm rejecting the draft day trade, and I had accepted the Lee and Lucas trades. I rejected the Frank Clark trade.

I have more needs than this, so I'm going to ponder a trade down. Stay tuned.
Rain Man 11:43 PM 04-26-2020
Without further ado, here is my 2020 draft.

#1-32. Yetur Gross-Matos, DE (Panthers)

The first round fell in a way that didn't work great for my needs. I've got volume at DE already, but don't have high-level production. So Gross-Matos is my guy.

Other considerations: Delpit at SS, Trade down with the Bills to get Epenesa (DE), Wanogho (OT), and Derrek Tuszka (LB), or Trade down with the Jets to get Ashtyn Davis (FS), Troy Dye (ILB), and Bryce Hall (CB).

#2-64 - Zach Baun, LB (Saints)

I really have trouble finding linebackers. I figured Baun would go earlier, so he seemed like a great value here.

Other considerations: I didn't seriously consider anyone other than Baun. I briefly considered Cushenberry (C), and Gallimore (DT).

#3-96 - Lucas Niang, G/T (Chiefs)

I looked at other players, but our own Niang rose to the top considering my need for a guard.

Other considerations: I strongly considering trading down with the Jets to take Troy Dye and Bryce Hall, which then would have freed up my 4th rounder to take Bredeson (G), who I liked. But I'm pretty sure Niang will be starting and I wasn't sure about the other guys. I also considered Malik Harrison, Akeem Davis-Gaither, and Tyre Phillips.

#4-117 - Amik Robertson, CB (Raiders).

I was really interested in a couple of guys here, Robertson and Ben Bredeson. I was really torn on those two. I also considered Bryce Hall (CB) and Curtis Weaver (DE).

#5-138 - Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR (Browns).

He was really the only guy I seriously considered here. I need some WR talent and he seemed to be a good value here.

My only other consideration here was Prince Tega Wanogho, but it wasn't a serious consideration.
Rain Man 09:33 AM 04-27-2020
Looks like we both thought Peoples-Jones went too low, kccrow. I made my picks without looking at yours.
kccrow 09:55 AM 04-27-2020
Originally Posted by Rain Man:
Looks like we both thought Peoples-Jones went too low, kccrow. I made my picks without looking at yours.
Agreed. He was the guy I wanted Veach to snag in the 5th. He has a great opportunity in Cleveland though.

Like your pick of Gross-Matos. If I wasn't locked into having to fix my defensive line, he's a guy I would have strongly considered at 32.
chiefscafan 10:29 PM 04-27-2020
Ok according to non trades I never got Lucas or lee so I have both picks

LA Cobras:

2020 NFL Draft

1:32. Ross Blacklock DT TCU

2:63. Logan Wilson. ILB. Wyoming

3:98. Lucas. Niang OT TCU

4:138. LJarus Sneed S/cb

5:177. Mike Danna. DE. Michigan

6:211. KJ Hill. WR. Ohio State

7: 237. Bo Pete Keyes CB. Tulane

7:246. Thaddeus Moss. TE LSU
Drioss 03:09 PM 05-26-2020
Thank you for sharing!
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