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View Poll Results: Is the deal done?
Do it. 1 16.67%
Donít do it. 5 83.33%
Iím fine with trading the picks, but not Jones. 0 0%
Season 5 of Game of Thrones just went completely over the top. 0 0%
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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Letís go outside the box.
Direckshun 11:44 AM 08-02-2019
Whatever the rumors may be around Chris Jonesí new contract, we need corners and he could be a way of getting them.

Letís assume that the Cards and the Skins put Peterson and Norman on the block (I know).

Letís also say we could get both of them for a combined:

2020 1st
2020 3rd
2021 2nd
2021 4th

Signing them both, with PP up for a new contract soon and Mahomesí contract coming down the mountain this upcoming offseason, means that we canít afford Jones.

So weíd franchise him after this season, and trade him like Frank Clark for a 2020 1st and 2021 2nd. That would net us back those picks we spent on the corners.

TL;DR Hereís ultimately the deal Iíd be proposing:

Patrick Peterman
Josh Norman


2020 3rd
2021 4th
Chris Jones after this season

Do you do the deal.
BlackHelicopters 11:47 AM 08-02-2019
Time to double up on your Cymbalta.
kccrow 12:08 AM 08-06-2019
No. Sign and keep a beast of an interior D-lineman, which aren't that easy to find, and go draft a fucking CB early (like should have happened the past couple seasons...)
Hoover 09:12 PM 08-06-2019
I like our corners.

Because I like seeing Pat have to sling it!
[Reply] 08:03 AM 08-07-2019
Trade a young ascending DL for 2 old corners right on the edge of the cliff? Yeah, i'll politely say no thanks.
warrior 12:51 PM 08-08-2019
No rather keep Jones-must be good weed though