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The Marty Lounge>They are coming for the chop too
BigRedChief 06:16 PM 07-05-2020
The Kansas City Chiefs’ racist “Arrowhead Chop” has flown under the radar. Not anymore. The Kansas City Chiefs’ chant isn’t a tribute to people like me. It’s racist.

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KC Star:

Kansas City Magazine:

Twitter has its own hashtag

NY Times: Stop the Chop
R Clark 08:51 PM 07-05-2020
Give an inch they will take a mile. Screw em
Bowser 09:08 PM 07-05-2020
Give it up because it's old and played out, but not because a bunch of suburban housewives are just looking to be triggered over the Next Big Racist Thing.
Frazod 09:09 PM 07-05-2020
Never cared for the chop in the past. Thought it was annoying.

But I'll do it now just to make the cunts cry.
stevieray 09:52 PM 07-05-2020
no fun for you.
Best22 10:00 PM 07-05-2020
Originally Posted by BlackOp:
In fairness...the "chop" didn't do shit for the Chiefs in 50 years.
They didn’t have the chop for 50 years

It started in the 1990s
TEX 10:05 PM 07-05-2020
Fuck them!
digger 10:19 PM 07-05-2020
So glad we got in 1 super bowl win (in my life time) before all this shit happened...

(Really didn't have a deal with the devil)
TomBarndtsTwin 10:35 PM 07-05-2020
Originally Posted by Bowser:
Give it up because it's old and played out, but not because a bunch of suburban housewives are just looking to be triggered over the Next Big Racist Thing.

The chop and chant is more nostalgic for me. It will forever be associated with those 90’s Chiefs teams with Marty and all those great defensive teams we had. I loved that era! I grew up in it as a Chiefs fan. But it’s over.

When Vermeil came in, it was like a new era and offense ruled the day. Defense was set aside. And then a bunch of shitty teams for years until Andy Reid arrives to bring back respectability to the Chiefs with a more balanced team. And then in 2017, the chosen one arrives and changes everything.

This is a new Chiefs era. The era of Mahomes and winning titles. Let’s enjoy it and start some new traditions that are forever associated with this great era! We don’t need the chop anymore. (Besides, we stole it from the Florida State Seminoles anyway) It had its time and place, but that time has past. Time to move on. (But not cause of any PC bullshit)

On to bigger and better things . . . . . .
Bugeater 11:03 PM 07-05-2020
Originally Posted by OnTheWarpath15:
I'm with you. It's just not that big of a deal to me.

Honestly, same with the name Chiefs. As long as we have Mahomes, we could be called the Kansas City Dicklickers for all I care.

It's funny the things people get outraged over.
...and the hoooome....of the....DICKLICKERS....?

I suppose that would fix THAT problem as well.
WhiteWhale 11:11 PM 07-05-2020
The new age puritans been bitching about it since 2012
arrowheadnation 11:12 PM 07-05-2020 they can stop it. Unlike "We're gonna beat the hell out of you...", we don't need any accompanying music for the chop. Fuck'em.
Redbled 11:18 PM 07-05-2020
Nothing short of the Kansas City Cop Killers will truly please them.
InChiefsHeaven 06:34 AM 07-06-2020
I like the chop. There, I said it. I don't care that it originated elsewhere (FL State or the Atlanta Braves right?). I like it. It's fucking cool to hear it in away stadiums too. And you definitely can hear it. Opposing fans hate it. Good.

The only thing the Chiefs can do is stop playing the theme. Fans can and will continue to do the chop. And now that it's becoming a target of Cancel Culture...chop ON bitches!
HonestChieffan 06:45 AM 07-06-2020
do it more, do it louder

stupid article and more Star garbage..
KChiefs1 07:46 AM 07-06-2020
Originally Posted by OrtonsPiercedTaint:
The Missouri and Kansan Indians may not be happy with Jackson county anyway.

Jackson County was named after who? Did they have slaves? Need to rename the county.
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