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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court
Taco John 03:05 PM 09-26-2020
Live now:

redshirt32 08:31 PM 09-26-2020
The dimrat socialist party fighting every day to turn this country into a 3rd world shit show.

Frankley people are tired of it done with the woke victim story 24/7.
Easy 6 08:39 PM 09-26-2020
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
Sorry, man, and I know that beauty is an individual perception thing, but I find that woman to be hideous looking.

cooper barrett 08:42 PM 09-26-2020
Finally, I have a family member soon to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Like best day ever.
vailpass 08:43 PM 09-26-2020
Originally Posted by Easy 6:
cooper barrett 08:43 PM 09-26-2020
She looks much better in person.

Originally Posted by Easy 6:

Just Passin' By 08:45 PM 09-26-2020

Two things going on in this clip:

1. Schumer can't even read his notes because it's too dark for him.
2. He says Ginsburg's "turning over in her grave up in heaven."


— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) September 26, 2020

Iowanian 09:02 PM 09-26-2020
Originally Posted by ChiefsCountry:
The libtards are accusing of her stealing black babies from Haiti.
No no no.

That was the Clintons.
JohnnyHammersticks 09:08 PM 09-26-2020

JohnnyHammersticks 09:25 PM 09-26-2020
The Clinton's good friend/child trafficker Laura Silsby - or whatever she changed her name to after she got caught trying to kidnap 33 kids out of Haiti - must be saying to herself "of all the fucking people Trump could've chosen, he picks the one person who Dems are going to accuse of stealing kids from Haiti".

Probably going to be hearing a lot more about that Silsby/Clinton Foundation/Haiti situation if the Dems choose the low road - which they always do.

Eleazar 09:51 PM 09-26-2020

Yeah how dare she have initials when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the one who invented initials

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) September 27, 2020

Just Passin' By 11:00 PM 09-26-2020

Join @Article3Project to help confirm President @realdonaldtrump’s latest #SCOTUS nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett:

— The Article III Project (A3P) (@Article3Project) September 26, 2020

El Lobo Gordo 11:36 PM 09-26-2020
Originally Posted by Halfcan:
Corrupt Chuck already calling it a reprehensible power grab-LOL What a hypocritical pos.

Dems don't care about religious freedom, freedom of speech or the Constitution. It is all about them.
I'm looking forward to seeing ACB answer Kamala's questions during the hearings.
Just Passin' By 11:37 PM 09-26-2020

President Trump makes another great pick!

Amy Coney Barrett is a beyond excellent choice for the United States Supreme Court.

She’ll fight for life, liberty, and the rule of law. The way the Founders originally intended.

I look forward to her swift confirmation in the Senate.

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) September 26, 2020

The jury's still out on the first two, Jim, and, to date, neither one has been what he should have been.
Just Passin' By 11:38 PM 09-26-2020

It is fully legitimate, unlike the military service you lied about.

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) September 26, 2020

Just Passin' By 11:51 PM 09-26-2020

Barrett is dangerous & unfit to serve on the highest court.

— Ayanna Pressley (@AyannaPressley) September 27, 2020

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