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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Democrats trying to steal Pennsylvania
Hammock Parties 12:55 PM 09-17-2020
This is horrifying. All legal, too. Horrifying that they've been allowed to do this. Now they don't even need to be postmarked? What a fucking GYP.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court extends state's mail ballot deadline

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Pennsylvania's Supreme Court extended the due date for mail ballots in the November election, a decision that will likely result in more votes being counted in the state — and more time to determine the final results.

Mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania have previously been due by the time polls close on Election Day. But the court's order adds a three-day extension to receive ballots that are postmarked by 8 p.m. on Election Day. Ballots with a preelection postmark will now be counted as long as they are received by 5 p.m. on Nov. 6, three days after the polls close.

The court also wrote that ballots "received within this period that lack a postmark or other proof of mailing, or for which the postmark or other proof of mailing is illegible, will be presumed to have been mailed by Election Day unless a preponderance of the evidence demonstrates that it was mailed after Election Day."

And now, ladies and germs, we'll just take ALL the green party votes too!!!

Pennsylvania Supreme Court removes Green Party presidential candidate from ballot

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the presidential and vice presidential candidates for the Green Party cannot appear on the state’s ballots this cycle, handing Democrats a win as they try to consolidate support in the key swing state.

The court ruled in a 5-2 decision that the Green Party did not follow proper procedure for getting on the ballot, overturning a Republican judge’s decision in a lower court ruling.

The Green Party earlier this year swapped out Elizabeth Faye Scroggin for Howie Hawkins as its presidential candidate. But the high court ruled that it failed to properly get Scroggin on the ballot, so “subsequent efforts to substitute Hawkins were a nullity.” It ruled a similar substitution effort to get Angela Walker on the ballot as the party’s vice presidential nominee was invalid.
Is this enough to steal Pennsylvania? We'll see.

FLORIDA DUDE POLL. Pennsylvania Trump 51%, Biden 45%.

— FloridaDude297 (@FloridaDude297) September 12, 2020

Just Passin' By 12:56 PM 10-15-2020
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EXC: Biden Donor Group Sends 225,000+ Ballot Requests, Including for DEAD Citizens

The Center for Voter Information was described by the Washington Post as having “a history of sending error-ridden mailers” but also labeled it “nonpartisan” – a farcical and manifestly false claim.

The group is responsible for sending over 225,000 ballot request forms to residents in Texas, many of whom are deceased.

As reported by local news, one individual received multiple ballot request forms for her deceased husband:
“Kristen Link received four ballot request forms in the mail addressed to her husband, who passed away in 2015. Kristen thought the forms were sent by a government agency, but they came from a third-party group called the Center for Voter Information. The ballot applications are already filled out and addressed to the Bexar County Elections Administrator.”...
Just Passin' By 10:03 AM 10-16-2020
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More than 100 absentee ballots bound for Louisville voters found in dumpster

More than 100 absentee ballots were discovered in a dumpster Thursday in Jeffersontown.

The 112 ballots were discovered late Thursday morning by a contractor renovating a home near Tully Elementary School on Galene Drive. Several crates of undelivered mail were taken from the dumpster by members of the Office of the Inspector General shortly thereafter.

The ballots, yet to be filled out, were on their way to prospective voters...
Just Passin' By 10:04 AM 10-16-2020
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Judge says absentee ballots in North Carolina must have witness signatures

A federal judge on Wednesday ruled that absentee ballots in the presidential battleground state of North Carolina must have a witness signature, a boost for Republican groups seeking to enforce stricter rules on mail-in voting.

U.S. District Judge William Osteen in Greensboro issued an injunction essentially barring voters from being able to “fix” an absentee ballot they had already sent in if it lacked a third-party signature attesting that the voter, and not somebody else, signed the ballot.

The judge was reversing a previous directive by state officials that had allowed voters to remedy the lack of a witness signature by returning an affidavit verifying that it was their ballot...
Just Passin' By 01:35 PM 10-16-2020
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Elections Chairman Resigns After He And His Wife Are Accused Of Removing And Defacing Trump Signs

A chairman of a board of elections in South Carolina resigned after he and his wife were accused of removing and defacing multiple Donald Trump campaign signs from someone’s yard, numerous sources reported.

A resident of Pawleys Island reported to the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday that Trump campaign signs were disappearing from his yard. A deer camera the resident placed in his yard caught the offender on Oct. 4 taking his signs and defacing another by writing “dump” over the Trump name on the sign, Coastal Observer reported...
Just Passin' By 10:15 PM 10-16-2020

DETROIT (AP) — Absentee ballots must arrive by Nov. 3 to be counted, the Michigan Court of Appeals said Friday, blocking a 14-day extension that had been ordered by a lower court and embraced by key Democratic officials.

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) October 16, 2020

eDave 10:18 PM 10-16-2020
At least 33 mayors who serve in cities and boroughs in Pennsylvania that Donald Trump won in 2016 will endorse Democrat Joe Biden for the presidency on Thursday.
Just Passin' By 10:24 PM 10-16-2020

Unclean voter rolls + significantly relaxed signature requirements + very lax ballot harvesting rules = a “Wild Wild West” election in Nevada, a swing state that was decided by 25K votes in 2016.

— Adam Paul Laxalt (@AdamLaxalt) October 17, 2020

Just Passin' By 11:36 PM 10-16-2020
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Ballots stolen from mailboxes, discarded on roadsides in Washington town

Police in a city just east of Seattle said Friday that numerous mail ballots have been stolen from people's mailboxes and placed or discarded elsewhere.

The post office alerted the Sammamish Police Department "that unopened or incomplete ballots have been inappropriately placed in out-going mail bins," the city of Sammamish said Friday.

Police have also investigated bags of mail that had ballots in them on roadsides and in ditches...
JohnnyHammersticks 07:09 PM 10-17-2020

BREAKING: Numerous sources including in law enforcement say Biden's Texas Political Director Dallas Jones was picked up and questioned today by FBI regarding my reporting. Awaiting response from Jones on this accusation

— Patrick Howley (@HowleyReporter) October 17, 2020

Just Passin' By 02:08 PM Today
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Fire intentionally set inside ballot box in Baldwin Park, officials say

Investigators are searching for the person who set a fire inside a ballot drop box in Baldwin Park on purpose, potentially compromising dozens of votes.

The incident happened around 8 p.m. Sunday near Baldwin Park and Ramona boulevards in front of the city's public library.

Firefighters say someone purposely tossed burning newspaper into the official drop box. One passerby told Eyewitness News the box looked like a chimney with smoke billowing out of it...
GloryDayz 03:17 PM Today
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
Anybody know where Hillary was?
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