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DJJasonp 07:39 PM 09-13-2020
Was thinking about soundtracks today, and wondered what soundtracks people thought highly of.

So without getting too structured with this, a couple parameters for the discussion:

1. Let's leave out musicals for this discussion (no "Grease" for example)

2. Lower marks for soundtracks that barely featured any of the music from the soundtrack in the film

3. Higher marks for soundtracks where the tracks really match the mood/tone of the film

4. Let's leave out instrumentals (though I do really enjoy them)

So with that in mind, I submit my top 3:

#3: Pretty in Pink - the quintessential 80's soundtrack? Heavily integrated into the film. Top to bottom, a solid lineup of 80's pop/alternative:

Echo & The Bunnymen - Bring on the Dancing Horses
INXS - Do Wot U do
Smiths - Please, Please.....
OMD - If you Leave
Psychedelic Furs - Pretty in Pink
New Order - Shell-Shock

#2: Purple Rain - A classic, with obvious integration all across the film. Highlights include:

Purple Rain
Let's Go Crazy
Darling Nikki
When Doves Cry
I Would Die 4 U

#1: The Crow - perfectly selected tracks that match the Alex Proyas look/feel of the film. Highlights include:

The Cure - Burn
Nine Inch Nails - Dead Souls
Helmet - Milktoast
Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty
More solid tracks from Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, and Jesus and Mary Chain

Honorable mentions:

American Graffiti

What say you?
DJJasonp 10:38 AM 09-23-2020
Originally Posted by PunkinDrublic:
St. Elmos Fire, come on who doesn’t love “man in motion”.
This reminds me of Vision Quest, and John Wait's "Change".....and while we're on this, pretty solid lineup:

John Wait - "Change"
Journey - "only the young"
Madonna - "Gambler" and "Crazy For You"
Foreigner - "hot blooded"
Dio - "Hungry for Heaven"
Sammy Hagar - "I'll fall in love again"
Frazod 09:28 PM 09-23-2020
How the hell did I forget to mention Highlander? Some great work by Queen.
DeepPurple 08:45 AM 09-24-2020
Not a whole film, but the opening scene of the movie "Closer" starts right in the credits with the song The Blowers Daughter ('Can't Take my Eyes of You') by Damien Rice. We see Jude Law walking through a crowded street and he spots a red haired Natalie Portman. The song plays and it gets you right into the film and you're hooked.

The movie I guess was a bit of sleeper, I remember renting it years ago at Blockbuster, it came out in 2004. Mike Nichols directed and with Jude and Natalie are Julia Roberts and Clive Owen are the four main characters. It really surprised me how really good the film was and I hadn't heard much about it. We don't know the relationship between Natalie and Jude, we think they must be friends or lovers, but we soon find our they are strangers on the street. Of course, Mike Nichols directed The Graduate so I shouldn't of been surprised since that's one of my all time favorites. Here's the opening of the film.

Until this film I had never heard of Damien Rice, but this song made me look up the Irish singer. This is one of my favorite videos of him singing The Blowers Daughter in a small store.

DeepPurple 08:53 AM 09-24-2020
Another film with an outstanding stand-alone song is Flash Gordon and the song Flash by Queen. I saw it years ago in the 80's on HBO, it came out in 1980 and nobody went to see it, the reviews were terrible. They were right, it's one of the most cheesy films ever made, but the title song is one of Queen's signature pieces. Flash is played by Sam Jones, a large blonde hair guy who was hired strictly for his looks and not his acting, if that is what you call what he did. Here's the theme, the song starts 50 seconds in.

Frazod 09:19 AM 09-24-2020
Flash Gordon was awesome. It was supposed to be silly and cheesy.
DeepPurple 10:41 AM 09-24-2020
Originally Posted by Frazod:
Flash Gordon was awesome. It was supposed to be silly and cheesy.
I agree, it was suppose to be tongue-in-cheek like another cheesy film Rocky Horror Picture Show, but everyone in that movie could act. However, Sam Jones is the worse actor to ever grace a major motion picture screen. He's the male equivalent of the dumb blonde and ruined what could of been a classic. They should of cast someone like William Hurt, a really good actor who can play it dumb, example Broadcast News.

EPodolak 10:48 PM 09-26-2020
Anyone mention "Heavy Metal"? Fun animated movie back when I was 16 or so.
htismaqe 11:08 PM 09-26-2020
Originally Posted by EPodolak:
Anyone mention "Heavy Metal"? Fun animated movie back when I was 16 or so.
The soundtrack is just okay though. A couple of great tunes and whole lot of meh. Not a Don Felder fan and I pretty much despise Sammy Hagar.
DeepPurple 09:27 AM 09-27-2020
Originally Posted by htismaqe:
...I pretty much despise Sammy Hagar.
Why do you despise Sammy Hagar, it must have something to do with Van Halen? Here's my take on Sammy and gives me a chance to add him to the thread since he's done soundtracks.

As an entertainer, I saw him solo in '84 when he opened for ZZ Top on the Eliminator Tour. He didn't do the usual 40 minute opening act, he did an hour plus 20 minutes and played everything from his Montrose days "Bad Motor Scooter" and "Rock Candy" to There's only one way to rock, Remember the Heroes the hits I can't drive 55, Heavy Metal, Your love is driving me crazy, a total of 16 songs. He climbed all over the stage and worked his butt off, it was the best opening act I've ever seen.

I've seen all of his AXS TV shows Rock N Roll Road Trip. He seems like a person who has his head on his shoulders and can actually make a complete sentence, he hasn't lost his mind to drugs. He keeps his politics to himself unless many others in the music biz such as Tommy Lee, a complete moron. He's a business man outside of music, he sold 80% of of his tequila business for $80 million.

Here's Sammy side to the Van Halen Bros. I've read Sammy bio book "The Red Rocker", in fact when it was new about 8 years ago. I'll try and remember from from back then, they all went in together and bought a club in Mexico Cabo Wabo. The place was a loser and the brothers kept giving Sammy a hard time about the place losing money. Sammy felt bad, so he paid them back their $100K so they would get off his back.

Sammy then went down to Cabo Wabo and fired the no-good lazy manager who opened when he felt like it, and stole the money when he was open. Sammy put in a real club manager and hired real people, bartenders and waitresses and the place stayed open. Then Sammy got in good entertainment, including himself and friends in the music business. Soon the place was a hit, of the course the Van Halen Bros think Sammy was sandbagging and he ripped them off paying them back only what they invested.

Sammy has a great wife by his side and she's with him when he's playing or doing the TV show, he's not a person running around with chicks and with an entourage, he's a decent guy in Rock n Roll.

Here's Sammy live back in '83, you can see him solo as I saw him back then.

Here's my favorite Sammy Hagar song, I'll Fall in Love Again. It's a good time song and you see on the video, when people spend a lot money and come to his club, he makes sure they have a good time.

Donger 03:46 PM 10-09-2020
Rumble Fish
The Last Temptation of Christ

Whoever composed the music for the Christian Bale Batman movies.
Buehler445 04:28 PM 10-09-2020
Originally Posted by Donger:
Rumble Fish
The Last Temptation of Christ

Whoever composed the music for the Christian Bale Batman movies.
Hans Zimmer
srvy 09:21 PM 10-09-2020
Gettysburg-Randy Edelman

He also did Last of the Mohicans, Ghostbusters, Mask and many more including opening theme to original McGyver series.

PurpleJesus28 12:34 AM 10-10-2020
I think everybodys mentioned my favorite soundtracks already.I did hear Madonna mentioned,this is one of my favorite songs she's performed,from the movie At Close Range.I remember seeing the video a long time ago and thinking it looked like an interesting movie.If you havent seen it,its a really good,underrated film,based on a true story.

frozenchief 01:11 AM 10-10-2020
Heavy Metal. Best soundtrack of all time.

O Brother Where Art Thou had a good soundtrack.

Best original music? Man, that’s tough. The Godfather had a haunting melody. The theme to Jaws really fit the movie in wayS few themes ever have.

Highlander with the Queen songs was superb.

I’ll think of more.
Drexl Spivey 09:50 AM 10-10-2020
All of the Tarantino soundtracks are really good!

Marie Antoinette - Not the greatest movie but great new wave stuff

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
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