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Hammock Parties 01:19 PM 06-05-2020
First look!

Cue the bitching!

Madden 21 everyone. All we expected, and still found a way to disappoint. Seeing the other games featured in the Series X showcase, they make Madden truly look like the joke it is. Guess we’ll be getting NFL 2K back sooner than we thought....#BoycottMADDEN21

— Modern Gridiron (@boycottmadden20) May 7, 2020

Full vidya

Madden 21

— RiverBoat Ron SZN (@ECLIPSEGemGT) May 7, 2020

BossChief 07:03 PM 07-02-2020
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
They aren’t doing shit. Beta testing opens this week for Madden 21. They aren’t changing anything in this years game. It’s them trying to get people to shut up and buy their game.
Some spots on Twitter claiming to be giving out beta codes tonight between 8-930
SAGA45 05:47 AM 07-03-2020
Originally Posted by BossChief:
Some spots on Twitter claiming to be giving out beta codes tonight between 8-930
I have it. Went live yesterday.
Hammock Parties 09:16 AM 07-03-2020
i think the worst thing about this game is that the additional storylines in fece of the franchise are going to make it a must buy for me :-)
Hammock Parties 09:19 AM 07-03-2020
actually maybe its the best thing - im sure ill end up just pirating it

i think i want to finish mahomes career in my '20 franchise
lcarus 10:53 AM 07-03-2020
One of the things I've wanted Madden to add for the longest time is real life presentation. I'm tired of the "EA Sports" presentation. I want them to add CBS or Fox or ESPN. Hell even NFL Network. Make it feel like a real game you'd see on TV. I'd really really love more than one set of commentators for different networks but I know Madden will never go that far. Their presentation is one thing people have been bitching about for 20+ years and they've done little to improve it.

They don't give a shit and I don't even blame them. They're making so much money off the dipshits addicted to crappy MUT. "OMG I got a level 87 Mahomes card!!@!@!" God I hate that mode.
Hammock Parties 10:20 PM 07-03-2020
the tomahawk chop is in the game

you're all going to buy it
Hammock Parties 10:36 AM 07-04-2020
have access to the beta will report back
Pasta Giant Meatball 11:42 AM 07-04-2020
Game is going to be a huge pile of shit
Pasta Giant Meatball 11:52 AM 07-04-2020
Fucking pathetic that now the chop is in
Hammock Parties 12:05 PM 07-04-2020
EA still has no idea how to simulate real NFL defense :-)

Hammock Parties 12:10 PM 07-04-2020
1. Feels almost exactly like '20 from gameplay standpoint.
2. EA still has no idea how to simulate real NFL defense.
3. Music is really annoying.
4. Tomahawk Chop sounds like shit - no drum, doesn't play long enough.
5. Animations bit smoother.
Hammock Parties 12:49 PM 07-04-2020

Hammock Parties 01:25 PM 07-04-2020
Playing 2nd game now - I just saw a cornerback in a deep third zone shuffle all the way to the middle of the field for absolutely no reason at the snap

outside WR running deep was wide open

The Franchise 01:31 PM 07-04-2020

But this game is going to be awesome!!!!
Hammock Parties 01:36 PM 07-04-2020
this game is worse so far

playing the falcons now and kelce was basically uncovered in the red zone again

im going to score 50 here in this game running 3 plays
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