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Media Center>Is this the saddest song....
Ubeja Vontell 10:05 PM 04-24-2020
....ever recorded?

Now most everyone has heard that song, it is well known.

There are a ton of old blues and country songs pretty damn sad, hell....."took a Smith and Wesson and blew out my brains" how about...."he threw carbolic acid in my face".....then there is..."blood, blood, blood, blood"....remember Ruby took her love to town, old Hank was so lonesome he could cry, J.Frank Wilson in "Last Kiss".

What is your saddest song?
srvy 03:02 AM 10-17-2020
Nobody can match townes for sad songs

They say Hank Sr was Country music God and Townes was countrys Jesus. I believe it!
Pasta Giant Meatball 04:07 AM 10-17-2020
Sadka Song
listopencil 05:22 AM 10-17-2020

listopencil 05:22 AM 10-17-2020

listopencil 05:23 AM 10-17-2020

listopencil 05:24 AM 10-17-2020

angelo 07:41 AM 10-17-2020

Come down from your mountain
Oh, I miss your holy shoutin'
These days I can't make you make a sound
Take me to the times where
We'd look up to the skies and
Climb up there and draw the thunder down
Now I'm forcing myself into
What you've already been through
But darlin' I can't help the way I feel
And you need something stronger
A drug to kill the hunger
And ease the awful pain of living here
Well I'm the kind of love that hurts to look at
Maybe we should take it as a sign
When I'm strung out on leavin'
Exaltin' all my demons
And you don't care for me enough to cry
I dreamt I'd take you with me
And you'd say you forgive me
And we'd live out some easy ancient song
Now where I am unattended
In a splendid love's remembrance
You lost the mind to even do me wrong
And I'm the kind of love that hurts to look at
But once I was enough to make you try
Now I'm underneath the rubble
Tryin' not to feel the trouble
And you don't care for me enough to cry
So here's to hopin' I can change tomorrow
You wanted hard as nails, cut and dry
But I beg, steal and borrow
I'm so damn good at sorrow
And you don't care for me enough to cry
Buehler445 08:30 AM 10-17-2020
Originally Posted by Buehler445:
This is my submission to the thread. There are some damn rough ones in this thread.

This one still has my vote. Credit to Detoxing. He posted it in another thread. I hadnít heard it before and just sat at my desk for like 10 minutes doing nothing. Shit hit like a truck.
DeepPurple 04:05 PM 10-17-2020
This was played to death on the radio in the mid 70's

This was one best live performances on Midnight Special, former singer of the Raspberries

From Alice Cooper's first solo album, Welcome to my Nightmare in '75

This one is sad for me because the singer Jimi Jamison was one of my favorite singers and died 6 years ago from a heart attack brought on by drugs.

My other favorite singer singing one of their most powerful ballads about a broken home

Before Richard Harris was a famous actor he released MacArthur Park in '68 written by Jimmy Webb. It has the most unusual lyrics of any song but yet is beautiful and was later a disco hit by Donna Summer.

The song speaks for itself

A dozen years before Celine Dion stole this song for herself and made a hit, it was released by Jennifer Rush in 1984. I saw her sing this on Johnny Carson one night, had no idea who she was but bought the album the next day.

I love almost everything Heart does, I also collect videos and lately I've got over 1,000 tribute bands saved into 3 folders on youtube. I really love this tribute band Heart Attack and their version of Alone performed at he House of Blues in Dallas.

I saw the Babys in 1980 and I always liked John Waite's voice

I don't listen to much country, I do like Drake White, but this song caught my year about ten years ago.

eDave 04:20 PM 10-17-2020
Just don't leave
Don't leave

I'm not here
I'm not here…

Keep breathing
Don't loose your nerve
Keep breathing
I can't do this

Not what you think it's about:

srvy 08:45 PM 10-17-2020

Randallflagg 09:13 PM 10-17-2020
I remember this Hoyt Axton song that Steppenwolf recorded:

St. Patty's Fire 09:21 PM 10-17-2020
Not much tops Tears in Heaven. Gut wrenching

As a fan of sad folk music, here are two that always make me well up:

Both of the albums these songs are in are all time sad albums. Particularly Pink Moon. The backstory with that one is very sad.

Also, anything by Joy Division.

Randallflagg 09:29 PM 10-17-2020
Here is my pick for the saddest recording EVER produced.......

Sorry :-)

Couldn't resist....
srvy 11:35 PM 10-17-2020
In his finale months of terminal lung cancer and out of breath and stamina Warren and friends recorded his last ever album The Wind. Mr Zevon passed I think 5 months later after release and we lost a brilliant writer of songs.

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