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Washington DC and The Holy Land>NYT Reddit bans the_donald
oaklandhater 11:30 AM 06-29-2020

The influential pro-Trump community broke the rules on harassment and targeting, said Reddit, which also banned other groups.

Reddit, one of the largest social networking and message board websites, on Monday banned its biggest community devoted to President Trump as part of an overhaul of its hate speech policies.

The community or “subreddit,” called “The_Donald,” is home to more than 790,000 users who post memes, viral videos and supportive messages about Mr. Trump. Reddit executives said the group, which has been highly influential in cultivating and stoking Mr. Trump’s online base, had consistently broken its rules by allowing people to target and harass others with hate speech.

“Reddit is a place for community and belonging, not for attacking people,” Steve Huffman, the company’s chief executive, said in a call with reporters. “‘The_Donald’ has been in violation of that.”

Reddit said it was also banning roughly 2,000 other communities from across the political spectrum, including one devoted to the leftist podcasting group “Chapo Trap House,” which has about 160,000 regular users. The vast majority of the forums that are being banned are inactive.

“The_Donald,” which has been a digital foundation for Mr. Trump’s supporters, is by far the most active and prominent community that Reddit decided to act against. For years, many of the most viral Trump memes that broke through to Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere could be traced back to “The_Donald.” One video, “The Trump Effect,” originated on “The_Donald” in mid-2016 before bubbling up to Mr. Trump, who tweeted it to his 83 million followers.

Social media sites are facing a reckoning over the types of content they host and their responsibilities to moderate and police that content. While Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and others originally positioned themselves as neutral sites that simply hosted people’s posts and videos, users are now pushing them to take steps against hateful, abusive and false speech on their platforms.
Hammock Parties 09:31 PM 06-29-2020
Originally Posted by Eleazar:

How dumb is this post.

The democrats will "just give up" if Trump wins again. No, they'll be more hysterical than ever. :-)
I'm talking about the online REEEEEEEEE crowd.

They're about out of gas.

They burned it all on riots.

It's not like they have a candidate to get behind.

Yes, the Democrats will still be doing their little shimmy - not like they have much else to do.

Their disloyal "base" will probably be thinking about trying to make rent or something.
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