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Steron 02:47 PM 07-30-2020
DJJasonp thought this might be a good topic for a thread. I listed these in the First Concert thread. Figured it might be easier to break them out of the other thread. I'm sure there are more that I will come up with later.

In no order:
Van Halen with David Lee Roth
Motley Crue
Guns N' Roses
Kid Rock
White Zombie
eDave 02:26 AM Today
Foghat. Awesome. Bet I could get away with wearing the hat now.

Kansas Power tour show in KC was great. Not theatrically but just a nice and tight, semi intimate, show supporting an album I really liked, and all the rest.

Was a Boston show good?
kc rush 07:16 AM Today
Triumph and Yes are the only two that I would have had the opportunity to see but missed and regretted. There are other bands that would have been fun to see, but it doesn't really bother me.

As much as the band bitched about Union, I wish I had seen that Yes tour live. So many great musicians on the stage.

I've seen Cheap Trick several times over the years and I want to catch them again before they hang it up, but the last few times they have been in town, I've been gone, or they have been opening for bands like Poison who you couldn't pay me to see.
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