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The Lounge>Chiefs hire Brendan Daly (former DL coach for NE)
pugsnotdrugs19 12:25 PM 02-09-2019 (Sorry, cant embed right now)

Originally Posted by :
BREAKING: #Patriots defensive line coach Brendan Daly is leaving for a spot on the Kansas City Chiefs' staff, per league source. - Jim McBride
Another fantastic hire and theft by Spagnuolo and Reid. Ive watched this guy in interviews several times before, always thoroughly impressed.
Sweet Daddy Hate 02:12 PM 02-09-2019
Originally Posted by petegz28:
that sounds good but if we got a chance to get Ramsey or Peterson then you do it regardless...
Yeah, but it ties up SO much and we're already strapped. We need as much maneuvering room as we can get because there's a LOT of suck currently residing on this roster.
Sweet Daddy Hate 02:14 PM 02-09-2019
Originally Posted by Chief Northman:
No offense, but there is no fucking way they stand pat at safety.

Spagnuolo asks a ton out of his safeties in his scheme. Parker/Sorenson/Berry/Murray were all pedestrian or worse last year - at least Sorenson showed signs of life late in the season to perhaps merit a consideration of being retained. The others? GTFO. Expect two safeties that are versatile to garner most of the snaps in this defense. Spagnuolo deploys more corners in nickel/dime than Sutton. In short - the safeties will have to be studs as they will rarely leave the field.

I see one of the big three safeties as the priority FA target:
Collins, Amos or Thomas.
Amen. Our safeties are hot, flaming AIDS.
MAHOMO 4 LIFE! 02:17 PM 02-09-2019
Besides Sorensen our Safeties are AIDS and that includes Berry
Wilson8 02:17 PM 02-09-2019
Brendan Daly Career History

Defensive line coach for New England Patriots for 3 Super Bowl champion (XLIX, LI, LIII)

Ridgewood HS (1997) - Offensive & defensive line coach
Drake (1998) - Tight ends coach
Villanova (1999) - Tight ends coach
Maryland (2000) - Graduate assistant
Oklahoma State (2001–2002) - Graduate assistant
Oklahoma State (2003) - Assistant strength and conditioning coach
Illinois State (2004) - Tight ends coach
Villanova (2005) - Defensive line coach
Minnesota Vikings (2006–2008) - Assistant defensive line coach
St. Louis Rams (2009–2011) - Defensive line coach
Minnesota Vikings (2012–2013) - Defensive line coach
New England Patriots (2014) - Defensive assistant
New England Patriots (2015–2018) - Defensive line coach
Kansas City Chiefs (2019–present) = Defensive line coach
Chief Roundup 02:22 PM 02-09-2019
Originally Posted by Chargem:
As it stands, I think the 3rd linebacker spot is the one must up in the air so if there was a solid guy who Spags loved for this scheme in there then that's where I would spend my FA dollars.

Although I really would love Earl Thomas, I am starting to think maybe depending on Berry health outlook the Chiefs roll with the safeties they have.
??? which one are you referring to as MLB will be Hitchens, SAM will be Houston and the WIL is O'Daniel.
DRM08 02:25 PM 02-09-2019
I guess that's one way to help out the Chiefs OL in the rematch games next year, lol
RunKC 02:25 PM 02-09-2019
I usually bold important parts of an article, but this entire article deserves to be in bold.
This guy sounds really really good.
Bump 02:29 PM 02-09-2019
sounds good to me
pugsnotdrugs19 02:31 PM 02-09-2019
Were gonna put it on those Patriot fucks next year. Twice.
PHOG 02:32 PM 02-09-2019
Great hire! And from the Cheatriots too! :-)
Sweet Daddy Hate 02:36 PM 02-09-2019
Originally Posted by pugsnotdrugs19:
Were gonna put it on those Patriot fucks next year. Twice.
I'm serious; I want to retire that prick. I want to watch the Chiefs kick their asses from the playoffs no less that three years in a row, or until Brady calls it quits.
And when Brady is gone, I want to walk in to Foxboro and just fucking HUMILIATE that entire fan base on national TV.
Tges58 02:42 PM 02-09-2019
I like the part about him headbutting a player. That's the kind of intensity this defense needs. They've been WAY to sort under Sutton, they need coaches that will light a fire under their asses.
Angry fan 02:45 PM 02-09-2019
Wow Interesting hire! The guy who got the d-line ready to do all those stunts and shit they did in the playoffs. I believe they led the league in playoff sacks! and were 3rd in pressures in the regular season despite their low sack total.
Frosty 02:50 PM 02-09-2019
Originally Posted by KC Hawks:
Both were with Spags on the Rams.
So, more Good Ol' Boy network bullshit then.

Angry fan 03:01 PM 02-09-2019
Originally Posted by petegz28:
As far as everyone getting excited about Daly calling stunts and twists I would temper your enthusiasm a bit. Or am I wrong in thinking the DC decides those kinds of things and not the DL coach?
I think it's more about coaching and getting players to execute stunts properly.

The Patriots o-line have had stunts called against them by the Chiefs and didn't really get home. The Patriots were so successful with stunts in the playoffs so Daly must know how to coach the players up.

I will add one small caution, it would appear the interior was the weakness of the Chargers, Chiefs and Rams o-line so they kept attacking it, but they used stunts to give their "less flashy" personnel a chance I'm guessing.

Originally Posted by bricks:
Thats a great strategy. Wow. I would love to see that here in KC.
You did see it in KC 3 weeks ago.:-)
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