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Chris Meck 08:48 AM 01-31-2019
Tag and trade Ford-receive GB's #30 pick, Roger is 35. They're going all in to get back in the hunt immediately.

Houston, Berry, Sorensen- (Dirty Dan any time, doesn't matter.) June 1 cuts free up: $27.7

2019 cap room: Spotrac estimates $36 million. I've seen $44 and as low as $28 so I'm taking the median.

I re-sign: Sherman, Butker, Allen, Devey, West, Lucas. roughly $11 million total.

I sign Landon Collins, SS to a 5 year deal at $9.4 per. He'll be 30 when the deal is up.

I sign KJ Wright to a 3 year deal at $7 million per. He's 30, coming off an injury season so that's about right. A leader on field, plays SAM. Seahawks will move on.

I sign Chris Long to a 2 year deal at $3 million per. Veteran stop gap, high leadership quality, still had 7 sacks in 2018.

Draft: Chiefs have #29, #30, #61, #64, #92 in first 3 rounds, no 4th, plus 5, 6, 7.

#29 Jaylon Ferguson, DE/Edge, Lousiana Tech
#30 Deandre Baker, CB, Georgia
#61, Rock Ya-Sin, CB, Temple. Spags likes CB's early and often.
#64 CJ Conrad, TE, Kentucky. Reid gets a new toy with a #2 TE that can actually catch the ball. Hey, he blocks, too! What do you know.
#92 Erik McCoy, OC, Texas A&M. competes with Reiter day 1 to start.
#156, Joe Gaziano, DT, Northwestern. solid pass rusher, high motor guy.
#187 D'Cota Dixon, S, Wisconsin. Ball hawking FS.
#192 Porter Gustin, OLB, USC. Future SAM prospect.

with the June 1 savings, I extend Jones and Hill.

Collins, Jones, and the young guys are the future of the defense. Long and Wright add strong leadership, mentoring the young guys, have been leaders on strong defenses and still have a little left in the tank.
CB-Baker, Fuller, Ya-Sin, Ward (now a killer corps)
at S, Collins, Lucas, Watts, and Dixon is real solid and versatile.
LB corps with Hitchens, O'Daniel and Wright looks good.
D-line, Long rotates with Ferguson at RDE, Jones, Nnadi, Gaziano looks good inside, Speaks/Kpass at LDE is solid.

Added a C and a nice TE for Reid to play with.

And it would all fit under the cap. Most importantly, I didn't do anything to screw the team cap-wise in the future. Reasonable deals and as long as we draft well, we're in the hunt every year.

*I used Spotrac's market estimations for all FA deals.
Couch-Potato 08:11 AM 02-01-2019
Awesome job! Love what you've done with the secondary!

The one tweak I would make is that I would tag Ford, trade Houston for a 5th if I can, forgo the Wright and Long signings, and go DL with the #64 pick.

Everyone seems ready to let Ford go but he seemed like the only bright spot on an otherwise dim defensive season.
DJ's left nut 09:58 AM 02-01-2019
Originally Posted by Chris Meck:
Look, I'll buy the arguments against if you can show me one semi-official statement that his injury will preclude a June 1 cut.

All I've seen is speculation on this board. Whether it's a 'football injury' or a 'non-football injury' or whether there's any kind of clause at all that says you can't cut him without dire cap consequences. I HAVE seen respected media members speculate that he could be a cap casualty on June 1.

so while I am interested in everyone's opinions and speculations, there's been no definitive word about whether or not this can or cannot be done by anyone who's job it is to know such things.

I've even asked for some definitive word; some link to someone in the know who could say for sure.

Nobody's come forward with anything. My queries go ignored.

So until then, yeah, I think if you CAN, you cut a guy that's your 3rd highest cap number who hasn't played meaninful football in two fucking years. Not because I'm pissed at him, or think he's a piece of shit, or a bad person; or because I'm frustrated. I'd cut him because he's expensive, and you can't count on him and won't be able to this year either.

So YOU can say we can't cut him because INJURY, but you don't KNOW THAT. You SUSPECT that, you're PRETTY SURE of that, but you have absolutely no PROOF that it's the case.

If you've got some, I'm all ears. Until then, let us have fun playing armchair, GM, yeah? Where's your mock? :-)
We'll know by 3/16.

Because they can't cut him at all with a June 1 designation during this league year. So they have to wait until that 3 day interim period between the start of the league year and the day his contract has an additional $9 million guaranteed.

I will note that most of those media members have simply flown right past the likely surgery problem. The fact that none of them have bothered to even mention it in passing suggests to me that they're simply not considering any of it. Just as many of them didn't when they were advocating cutting Dee Ford last season without acknowledging that he was not going to be able to pass his physical for his back issue in time to do so (and if you'll check the archives, I was saying the exact same thing regarding Ford then as I am now - those 'respected media members' weren't; they just don't deep dive as well as we do).

It's such a unique situation that it's territory rife for column inches if it were an angle any industrious reporter had considered at all.
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