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Coach 09:05 PM 10-29-2018
As the season comes to a close after an awful season, there is a possibility of some hope since the team played better in late August to the end of the season.

Here are all the important dates you need to know for the 2018-19 MLB offseason. Some of them do involve the Royals, such as:

Oct. 29: As of 9 a.m. ET on Monday, all eligible players are free agents (Escobar - good riddance).

Oct. 31: Most contract option decisions are due on this date (Hammel should be declined, resulting $2 million buyout and Peralta should be accepted, resulting $3 million increase to the payroll, and could be future flip for additional minor leaguers if he performs well).


Nov. 2: Deadline for teams to tender their eligible FA the qualifying offer.


Nov. 3: Free agency begins.

Nov. 4: Gold Glove winners announced (Gordon & Perez).


Nov. 6-8: General manager meetings in Carlsbad, California.

Nov. 12: Deadline for free agents to accept or reject the qualifying offer.

Nov. 14-15: Owners meetings in Atlanta (possible future CBA discussions).

Nov. 20: Deadline for teams to add eligible minor leaguers to the 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 Draft.


Nov. 26-29: MLB Players Association executive board meeting in Dallas (possible future CBA discussions).

Nov. 30: Non-tender deadline.

Dec. 9-13: Winter Meetings in Las Vegas. This is typically when all offseason hell breaks loose.

Dec. 13: Rule 5 Draft (could see the Royals taking a stab here).

Jan. 11: Deadline for teams and arbitration-eligible players to submit 2019 salary figures (I believe KC has some arb-eligible players).

Feb. 1-20: Arbitration hearings. You win some, you lose some.


As usual, let's have a good off-season discussion on ways that the Royals can/should/would do to improve. I will try to update the OP as the off-season goes along. And Duncan, you're more than welcome to provide us some information that I can add onto the OP. Just let me know.

To see the 2018 Royals thread, go here.
AndChiefs 05:06 PM 10-30-2018
And in.
TomBarndtsTwin 05:12 PM 10-30-2018
In for 2019 and in for a playoff run . . . . . . . .

In 2022.
The GMDM Hypothesis 06:30 PM 10-30-2018
Where’s Duncan?! Go Royals!!!
Chiefspants 06:43 PM 10-30-2018
Originally Posted by Al Bundy:

Thank you for 2014!!!
TLO 06:48 PM 10-30-2018
Here I am!
SAUTO 06:49 PM 10-30-2018
Deberg_1990 07:17 PM 10-30-2018
Bold prediction:

lewdog 08:47 PM 10-30-2018
I'll try to watch more this coming year.

I am sorry everyone.
TomBarndtsTwin 11:17 PM 10-30-2018
Alex Gordon wins Fielding Bible award.

Gold Glove soon to follow . . . . .
Canofbier 11:21 PM 10-30-2018
Originally Posted by Shogun:
Just marking my territory on the 1st page
2nd page, shit!
big nasty kcnut 11:57 PM 10-30-2018
Royals 90 wins bank on it.
Fansy the Famous Bard 07:26 AM 10-31-2018
In it to win it!

Sometime this next decade.
gblowfish 09:28 AM 10-31-2018
Originally Posted by Al Bundy:


God I hate this guy. He looks like a six foot tall garden gnome. Good Riddance.
Al Bundy 02:27 PM 10-31-2018

In corresponding roster moves, Jerry Vasto has been claimed by the Cubs and Nate Karns has been sent outright to Omaha. Karns will elect free agency in lieu of accepting the assignment.

— Kansas City Royals (@Royals) October 31, 2018

RealSNR 03:35 PM 10-31-2018
Karns sure was a great trade.

Fuck that guy.
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