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Hammock Parties 06:34 PM 05-19-2018
First news leak:

Improved QB arm animation

Route running rating is removed and replaced by deep, intermediate and short route running.

New punting interface

New franchise mode

KCrockaholic 12:42 PM 06-13-2018
Hammock Parties 02:00 PM 06-13-2018
It would be cool if third-party apps came out that allowed us to edit game files.

In Madden 08 you could load your franchise file into an editor and edit entire draft classes before the draft.

You could do the same with the rosters in franchise mode. Just a couple clicks and edit a number in a box. Way easier than navigating all the menus in game.
Hammock Parties 03:42 PM 06-13-2018
This game got a complete overhaul man.

Originally Posted by :
Madden 19 has changed that logic so only defenders with 99 zone coverage break on the ball everytime before a QB releases it. Players with 90-99 zone coverage have a chance of breaking on passes early with the likelihood of that happening scaling up as the player’s zone coverage rating gets higher.
Originally Posted by :
There are a few other changes to defensive player logic in Madden NFL 19.

Tampa 2 Defenses

The primary of focus with Cover 2 was adding new rules and logic for the Middle Read and Vertical Hook defenders. The Middle Read player will now do a much better job of getting to the deep middle of the field to defend against pass routes that cross that area.

Cover 3 Defenses

Cover 3 will defend against trips and bunch formations much better than before. In those situations plays like Cover 3 Match, Cover 3 Sky, and Cover 3 Buzz plays will function more like the Cover 3 Mable.

Cover 4 Defenses

There are 2 new cover 4 defenses in Madden 19 (Cover 4 Quarters and Cover 4 Palms).

Against a formation where a slot receiver is present, and if the slot receiver runs a quick out, the defense in Cover 4 Quarters will handle this route with the “Quarter Flat” player. In the same scenario with Cover 4 Palms, the defense will handle this route with the cornerback who’s playing “Outside Quarter.” In a sense, the coverage plays like a Cover 2.

Other Improvements

The protect the sticks feature that has been broken for the past few Madden NFL games is fixed so that the underneath defenders will drop to the first down sticks.

A new formation called Big Nickel G has been added to this year’s game. It is a 4-2-5 defense which will be found in every Madden 19 defensive playbook.

Hammock Parties 08:19 PM 06-15-2018
deep dive in franchise mode

Originally Posted by :
At the end of each game, you are presented with all the players that have skill points and are ready to upgrade. Let’s say you want to upgrade Matt Ryan’s West Coast OVR. It’s currently an 88 OVR, so spending one Skill Point will increase his individual player ratings, which will elevate his West Coast to an 89. This time, the West Coast upgrade awarded +1 to Play Action and Deep Accuracy and +2 to Short Accuracy. If he got a second skill point, he could receive +1 to Play Action, Short Accuracy, and Throw Power. The number of rating points earned from each upgrade varies, but they will always move you up one OVR point in the selected archetype.
So basically you can't just spam points into whatever rating you want. I think I like this more. It's going to make franchise a lot harder.

Draft class editor:

Originally Posted by :
If you edit the current class, then you will be taken to a spreadsheet that reveals everything about the 450 players in the current draft class. Easily move players up and down the draft projection using the “swap” and “insert above” tools. Select each player and edit his Player Info, Appearance, Equipment, Ratings, and Player Traits.

New ratings:

Originally Posted by :
Break Tackle: Determines broken tackle success for ball carriers vs standard tackles (not Hit Sticks or Cut Sticks).

Break Sack: Determines whether the QB will escape a sack inside the pocket.

Throw Under Pressure: Determines passing accuracy when throwing under pressure.

Run Block Power: Determines success chance for Drive, Down, and Power Double Team blocks on plays like Toss and Power O.

Run Block Finesse: Determines success chance for Zone, Reach, and Zone-Double Team blocks on plays like Outside Zone and Stretch.

Lead Block: Determines success chance for blockers leading from the backfield or pulling from the line.

Pass Block Power: Used versus defensive power moves.

Pass Block Finesse: Used versus defensive finesse moves.

Short Route Running: Used when running short routes (Slant, Drag, etc.).

Medium Route Running: used when running medium routes (Curl, Dig, etc.).

Deep Route Running: Used when running deep routes (Corner, Streak, etc.).

Originally Posted by :
At the end of each season, players regress based on their age and development trait. This year the regression is much more dynamic, meaning that each rating will have a unique chance of going down. High Development Trait players regress slower than other players, and the age at which players at different positions start regression has been adjusted as well. This means that high-caliber players have a better chance of extending their careers and climbing their way up the legacy leaderboard.

Hammock Parties 02:26 PM 06-17-2018
Full game.

Hboosboy 03:41 PM 06-18-2018
I just read an article that the Chiefs are 80 overall.
KCrockaholic 03:48 PM 06-18-2018
I'm pretty sold on it. Madden 19 looks good.

Far from where it can be, but still not bad.
KCrockaholic 03:50 PM 06-18-2018
Originally Posted by Hboosboy:
I just read an article that the Chiefs are 80 overall.
Offense was an 81 and defense was an 81 based on their ratings apparently. Meh, we'll see. I've also seen a video that showed Kelce was rated 83 overall. So I wouldn't look too deep into it.
Carr4MVP 04:46 PM 06-18-2018
I haven't played Madden since 2008 but the leaked ratings seemed pretty low compared to that year.
Hammock Parties 05:29 PM 06-18-2018
good god

PC gameplay 4k 60 FPS

Hammock Parties 06:08 PM 06-18-2018
chefs suk

New World Order 07:21 PM 06-18-2018
PC looks sick. Wow.

And the second best rated team is 84? Don't think I've seen that in any Madden. Ever.
Hammock Parties 07:26 PM 06-18-2018
The AI is still shit. Steve Young scrambled for a TD and I saw a LB look at him and then run the other way. :-)
KCrockaholic 09:13 AM 06-20-2018

Looks gooood.
Dayze 09:17 AM 06-20-2018
I hope I get a gift card to gamestop for my birthday (I usually get some sort of $ to gamestop from relatives). wouldn't mind picking this up for 'free'.
will probably feel exactly the same game play wise; connected franchise as a player will still be broken; and AI will likely be horrible as always.

Free? I'll pick it up. but doubt I'll shell out money on it new; maybe wait a few months and pick it up for 1/2 price.

I'll be too busy geeking out on RDR 2 anyway.
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