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Hammock Parties 06:34 PM 05-19-2018
First news leak:

Improved QB arm animation

Route running rating is removed and replaced by deep, intermediate and short route running.

New punting interface

New franchise mode

dj56dt58 10:14 AM 02-08-2019
Originally Posted by Dayze:
lipstick on a pig.

maybe if they would spend as much time as they did on the lame ass Longshot BS on fixing the actual game, it would be awesome.

and they'll never fix it. Funny thing because NCAA was they 'can' make a better game...they just refuse to.

the only time I really enjoy it is after winter, spring, and summer when my football juices start to get going. and even then....
If you have pc their are gameplay mods as well, I think the ncaa mod actually has gameplay adjustments as well from the game I played. One mod I recommend is nectar
Dayze 08:15 PM 02-08-2019
That’s a good point.
I’m on console so some of my gripes might be moot if I were on pc
Hammock Parties 12:30 PM Today
i'm tempted to play this just to get my ass kicked. at least it's hard now. my god this blocking is a nightmare.

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