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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>2018 Annual Saccopoo Mock Draft Signup and Team thread
The Franchise 10:45 AM 02-21-2018
I'll need someone to run it again this year. I can help edit the thread and keep it up to date but I won't be participating in it.

Marco Polo
Titty Meat

Top 16
Browns - kccrow
Giants - Titty Meat
Colts - Sfeihc
Texans - ChiefAshhole1056
Broncos - Marco Polo
Jets - MotherfuckerJones
Bucs - chiefscafan
Bears - Hoover
49ers - staylor26
Raiders - Direckshun
Dolphins - CoMoChief
Bengals - TambaBerry
Redskins - saphojunkie
Packers - SNR
Cardinals - BossChief
Ravens - pugsnotdrugs19

Bottom 16
Chargers - Direckshun
Seahawks - BossChief
Cowboys - ChiefAshhole1056
Lions - TambaBerry
Bills - SNR
Chiefs - Hoover
Rams - chiefscafan
Panthers - MotherfuckerJones
Titans - pugsnotdrugs19
Falcons - Marco Polo
Saints - CoMoChief
Steelers - Titty Meat
Jaguars - staylor26
Vikings - Sfeihc
Patriots - kccrow
Eagles - saphojunkie
Dave Lane 02:30 PM 02-25-2018
Originally Posted by Rain Man:
What's the timeline? I'm interested, but I'm thinking I may be unavailable for a chunk of time due to following the orders of a fortune cookie.
Yeah I'll be traveling taking pictures in that timeframe so I'm screwed. Otherwise it would be fun.
chiefscafan 09:21 AM 03-02-2018
I'm in again
chiefscafan 09:23 AM 03-02-2018
I'm still worried bout NT do we bring Poe back I heard he told his agent he wants to come back. The back still worries me though.
Marco Polo 01:04 PM 03-02-2018
That time of year to get the band back together? I'm in.
RealSNR 01:04 PM 03-04-2018
I really really want pugsnotdrugs in this thing. Let's make sure he takes Rain Man's spot.
RealSNR 01:06 PM 03-04-2018
Also, I'll run the thread again once we get it up and going. We've still got Pestilence and ChiefsCountry to keep it updated (those guys did a ton of the work last year).
chiefscafan 08:45 AM 03-05-2018
Anyone know when teams are being assigned?
The Franchise 11:35 AM 03-05-2018
So I've yet to hear from CleveSteve or DJLN. Steve's last activity was back in June of I'm considering him out of this draft. I'll give DJ a couple of days but he may be out as well.
Hoover 05:52 PM 03-07-2018
Don't I get the Chiefs this year? Figures since they don't have a first rounder.......

I could really care less, there are a number of teams I'd love to draft for.
The Franchise 11:31 AM 03-08-2018
I'm going to give DJ until Monday of next week to respond. If he doesn't....then I'll consider his spot open as well. That's 3 open spots this year.
chiefscafan 11:51 AM 03-08-2018
Pest when do teams get selected?
The Franchise 11:57 AM 03-08-2018
Originally Posted by chiefscafan:
Pest when do teams get selected?
After we finalize who's actually going to be participating.
RealSNR 08:17 AM 03-12-2018
I'll start the draft thread later tonight as long as I get word from Pest who the new owners are.
[Reply] 08:24 AM 03-12-2018
If you guys have someone else wanting in, I can bow out. I'm pretty busy at the moment.
The Franchise 08:52 AM 03-12-2018
Originally Posted by
If you guys have someone else wanting in, I can bow out. I'm pretty busy at the moment.
Are you in or out?

Iím replacing three people right now. Let me know.
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