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View Poll Results: Chris Jones contract Q's.
How many years would you sign him for? (Do not select this option.) 4 22.22%
7 1 5.56%
6 0 0%
5 4 22.22%
4 11 61.11%
3 3 16.67%
How much per year would you sign him for? (Do not select this option.) 3 16.67%
22m/year 1 5.56%
21m/year 1 5.56%
20m/year 5 27.78%
19m/year 5 27.78%
18m/year 8 44.44%
17m/year 5 27.78%
16m/year 4 22.22%
15m/year 5 27.78%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 18. You may not vote on this poll
Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>It's looking less and less like we're trading for a premier corner. So, Chris Jones.
Direckshun 08:08 PM 09-23-2019
What are you willing to pay for Chris Jones.

Select all that apply. (If you would be willing to pay 17m/year, for instance, select 17, 16, and 15, since you'd implicitly pay him less than 17m/year.)
Megatron96 08:15 PM 09-23-2019
4 for 19 million.

Since the Albert Haynesworth fiasco and a few others I won't mention right now, I think it's a terrible idea to pay a DL more than 4 years.

Actually I'm not a fan of paying one 19 million either, but that seems to be the going rate for top tier DLs, so whatever.

If I had autonomy, I'd pay him 14 million for a year and demand he become a better run stopper before I paid him 19 Million, but we can't do that.
New World Order 09:15 PM 09-23-2019
5 years 19 mil per

Structure it so you can get out of it relatively free after year 3 if need be
BlackHelicopters 06:13 AM 09-24-2019
3 years. 15M. Tired of getting burned by lazy fat fucks who give up after being rewarded.
ChiefoftheKeyboard 07:41 AM 09-24-2019
I don't know about having 2 guys on the d-line making nearly 20M when we want to have a good rotation. I'd rather resign ogbah and go after some other guys, let our other current guys develop, and get some draft capital for trading jones if he is wanting anything over 16 mil a year and if he isn't willing to sign a 3/4 year deal.
Buehler445 07:50 AM 09-27-2019
My position is well documented here. Less than Donald.