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Halfcan 10:01 AM 02-28-2019
A Buyer bids on your item in an auction- gets the winning bid. Then they never pay and you have no recourse.

Ebay does nothing.

Buyer buys a vase, we send it with insurance. Buyer decides they do not want it and smashes it- lies and says it was not wrapped up. Instead of taking it to the post office and getting a refund since it was insured- they put a claim against us. We are out the vase, time to mail package, postage, time on the phone with an unhelpful foreigner at Ebay who we can't understand. Ebay gives buyer full refund even though it is obvious they are lying.

Ebay does nothing. Then adds another fee on our account for giving this pos lying buyer a refund.

We are closing our account. Ebay is a poorly run company, terrible customer service and gives the Seller- Zero protection from scam buyers.

Anyone else scammed by Ebay?
GloryDayz 07:43 PM Yesterday
And more on the whole Chinese sellers on eBay rant. So, I bought some tennis shoes for the kid, knew they were coming from the chickie-de-China, and man am I paying the price! After a couple of email with the asshole who some them to me, I went to "SpeedPAK" and got this GEM of an answer:

Originally Posted by :
Dear Customer,

Thanks for your inquiry to Orange Connex Customer Service.

I am sorry to inform you that the package was hold for the further investigation by exporter customs. Logistics will be updated after customs release. We have to wait at the current stage. Thank you for your understanding.Please feel free to contact with us for any enquiries related to SpeedPAK.Thank you.

Best Regards,


OCL Customer Service 橙联客服中心

Hotline (客服热线):400-126-0008 (大陆地区)/ 852-3018-3458(香港地区)

E-mail (客服邮箱)

Online Customer Service (在线客服):

*Monday – Saturday (周一至周六): 09:00-18:00 (Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays节假日除外)

OrangeConnex ( China ) Limited
Live and learn...
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