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Dante84 07:19 PM 04-27-2017


Because of all the interest in this thread, I've place all of the video content of Patrick Mahomes II's college career, and draft day goodness into a single post that can be found here. Enjoy!
RealSNR 08:03 PM 04-16-2019
Look, I love Terez. How could you not? He's the best thing to happen to KC sports journalism since before the time Joe Posnanski was defending accomplices to child molester coaches. Guy has a national job and he continues to show the city love. But that being said...

Maybe it's because I happen to read his stuff only when it's KC-related. And realistically, the Chiefs are way more in vogue than they perhaps ever have been.

But why did Terez take the Yahoo job if he's only going to write about the Chiefs and Mahomes anyway? More money, probably, but are people really going to be interested in him if he has a tendency to write more about KC than other franchises and sports cities?

Adam Schefter was Donk trash before he got the ESPN gig. He probably knew Denver better than the other teams when he started out, but if he continued to investigate Denver more than the other teams with ESPN, I'd be pretty pissed if I were his employer. I'm surprised Yahoo lets Terez get away with it.
Tribal Warfare 12:11 PM 04-17-2019

The young star you want to see in a big primetime game is _____?
@PSchrags ➡️ @PatrickMahomes @SteveSmithFDN ➡️ @bakermayfield @KyleBrandt ➡️ @saquon

— GMFB (@gmfb) April 17, 2019

FAX 01:41 PM 04-17-2019
Pretty decent commentary from Mellinger on Mahomes and stardom ...

Sorry if the Star dings you for a subscription (I'm not sure how that works with them).

(Also, I don't know why no one has commented on my post in the boxing thread earlier today. Sometimes you guys are just so disappointing ...)

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