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Hammock Parties 01:19 PM 06-05-2020
First look!

Cue the bitching!

Madden 21 everyone. All we expected, and still found a way to disappoint. Seeing the other games featured in the Series X showcase, they make Madden truly look like the joke it is. Guess we’ll be getting NFL 2K back sooner than we thought....#BoycottMADDEN21

— Modern Gridiron (@boycottmadden20) May 7, 2020

Full vidya

Madden 21

— RiverBoat Ron SZN (@ECLIPSEGemGT) May 7, 2020

Superturtle 01:33 PM 06-16-2020
Originally Posted by ThaVirus:
I was in that league. Clay was a try-hard douche.

He was putting together gameplans, scripted drives, and even admitted to watching other player's games to scout lol

I caught a lot of second hand embarrassment from Clay during that time.
:-) I was in a party with him when he was practicing his script before the first championship game with KCRock. Burnt his cookies iirc.

Also remember him getting legit pissed that I bamboozled you guys and chose the Browns so I had multiple first and second round picks.
Hammock Parties 01:34 PM 06-16-2020

I do have to say... Madden 21 Face of the Franchise seems like it's exactly what we wanted.

1) Start in High school
2) 2 seasons of College Football Playoffs
3) Choice to convert to HB or WR
4) RUN the 40 yard dash at the combine
5) Storylines EACH season in the NFL

— RBT (@SamuelBrownRBT) June 16, 2020

Superturtle 01:37 PM 06-16-2020
Given the limitations they have because of licensing issues with college teams, that doesn't sound half bad.
ThaVirus 01:38 PM 06-16-2020
Originally Posted by Superturtle:
:-) I was in a party with him when he was practicing his script before the first championship game with KCRock. Burnt his cookies iirc.

Also remember him getting legit pissed that I bamboozled you guys and chose the Browns so I had multiple first and second round picks.
Hah! I remember that, you bitch!
Superturtle 01:49 PM 06-16-2020
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:
C''s BS that this guy gets two first rounders.

Step in, commish, and do the fair thing.

Dayze 02:06 PM 06-16-2020

I hope I don't break down and pick this up. each year the last 4 years, family/in-laws have always either bought it for my birthday; or given a gamestop gift card. last year I was just irritated wtih the game. I played it quite a bit for maybe a 3 weeks to a month, and it has sat on the shelf collecting dust ever since.

I ventured into MUT for the first time last year, grinding through whatever to get packs etc. and the MUT gameplay actually felt entirely different to me. Not sure if that's a real thing or not; but it just had a different feel. Is it possilbe they have 2 sets of code or whatever to run Franchise and MUT?

I also liked to play connected Franchise as a LB, or as a CB. But what would grind my gears is, it didn't matter if you did your role / job in the defense. to get development points (I think that's what it's called) you - as a defender - basically had to let a player catch a pass, then tackle / let him get open so a play would come your way. Same as a LB; if you did your job in the run game / played your assignment / gap...there was no reward.

So after grinding like that for hours and're better of just running all over the field doing what ever you want. If I recall, I 'think' NBA 2K used to give you points / reward you for playing the role in the offense / play.

that's when i shelved it. I like to play sim style; so just running all over, no regard to assignment or even the defense that is called...bummed me out. Getting intercepted playing QB when throwing a 20 yd pass downfield by a MLB 10 yds from LOS was irritating. getting sucked into blocks as a defender was irritating.

maybe I'm just getting older, or tired of playing a game with the same lingering issues year after year; or a combo of both...I don't play nearly as much Madden as I did a decade ago.
The Franchise 03:04 PM 06-16-2020
I bought this years version simply because Mahomes was on the cover. Won’t buy another copy until they actually fix the game....especially Franchise mode.
Mecca 03:52 PM 06-16-2020
Until Madden decides they care about everything that isn't MUT the game is going to suck and the odds of that ever happening is 0.
lcarus 05:53 PM 06-16-2020
I've played Madden since 93 or 94. So I'm not against Madden at all. But if I'm being truthful this game is not where I want it to be. It's not where it SHOULD be based on what they've done with the game in past years. I'm a franchise guy and EA primarily focus on MUT because it makes big money for them. It's a shame because the potential to make it a mindblowing franchise experience is there.

Shoes 10:11 AM 06-18-2020
ESPN 2k5 still the GOAT.
Hammock Parties 10:19 AM 06-23-2020
Sounds like they've done a lot of work on the animations. Very, very nice!

Take a closer look at new innovative gameplay updates that deliver authentcity on both sides of the ball ��#Madden21

— Madden NFL 21 (@EAMaddenNFL) June 23, 2020

Mecca 10:45 AM 06-23-2020

Superturtle 10:52 AM 06-23-2020
:-) Holy shit, never even looked at the likes/dislikes. Currently sitting at 15k/39k.
Shoes 11:52 AM 06-23-2020
The one thing that really pisses me off about these trailers is that they keep bringing up the celebrations like that is a selling feature. Fuck that.
Mecca 09:44 AM 06-24-2020
In that trailer they show Kerryon Johnson get lit up..Johnson is by far the most vocal active player when it comes to to saying madden is a shit game, ironic eh?
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