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penchief 08:14 PM 10-17-2020
Highly recommended.
Demonpenz 09:29 PM 10-17-2020
did you see him bycling around KC?
Sorry 01:25 AM 10-23-2020
This is one of the goat things that I’ve watched
CarlosCarson88 01:58 AM 10-23-2020
A tad more of a sell maybe?
Kman34 05:49 AM 10-23-2020
Glad you guys like it.. Not my cup of tea.. Tried to watch it on HBO and thought it was awful..
vailpass 07:41 PM Yesterday
Really good show, would love to have been there. Byrne is a unique talent and intellect.

It’s the kind of performance you might not like on TV but if you were there live you’d very likely enjoy it.
Fish 08:39 PM Yesterday
Saw him on Saturday Night Live last year, and thought he was weird as hell. I don't get it.