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The Lounge>Let's talk about the Titans (AFC Championship edition) thread
TLO 05:12 PM 01-12-2020
The AFC Championship runs through Arrowhead.
BryanBusby 07:05 PM 01-12-2020
This is the game where Frank Clark will really start to shine.
ChiTown 07:05 PM 01-12-2020
The Titans are fucked cause ether Chiefs SB Train is too far down the tracks.
ChiefsCountry 07:11 PM 01-12-2020
Originally Posted by Deberg_1990:
Vrabel will want to beat us for sure.

I donít think he ever really liked KC and wasnít happy when he was traded.
Well nobody wanted him hear to begin with especially since he came with that loser Cassel.
duncan_idaho 07:24 PM 01-12-2020
Their pass defense isnít as completely pathetic as the Texans, but it still is bottom half of the league.

KC should throw early and often. Today showed they donít need to run a bunch or be balanced to cook on offense.
BWillie 07:30 PM 01-12-2020
Chiefs will give up 300 yds rushing and win by 14.
Coach 07:33 PM 01-12-2020
Originally Posted by FAH-Q:
The worry here is that Henry gets his, and Tits control the clock, limiting our opportunities to score and controlling the tempo of the game. They wonít have to worry about keeping up if they control the time of possession for 70% of the game.
I get what you're saying, and it makes sense. However, if KC can be efficient with their RZ (TD's, not FG's), and make them count, the TOP won't matter much if they can get a few stops here and there.
petegz28 07:35 PM 01-12-2020
We had them beat until a miracle series of flukes aligned for them....

We are boat racing the Titans this game.
TomBarndtsTwin 08:09 PM 01-12-2020
Gonna be a tough game, but we should have this.

Obviously, Henry is a beast and will get his.

That said, their QB is Ryan Tannehill. Our QB is Patrick Mahomes.

Nothing else really needs to be said.
hometeam 08:10 PM 01-12-2020
smithandrew051 08:10 PM 01-12-2020
Today was the most incredible football moment that I’ve ever seen live. I’m all in on this year. We can fucking do it.

Frank Clark is an absolute monster. Not sure if you could see it on TV, but he was held almost constantly. He wrecked that OL.

Mahomes is just so good. I’m certain that this game was the best game of his pro career. He only missed on a few throws. If we didn’t drop it so offer early, Mahomes might have gone for 500 yards.

I’ve been wanting this rematch fucking bad. Jackson couldn’t take advantage of their weak secondary....but this Mahomes with all these weapons....Mahomes is going to shred them (again).
Frazod 08:12 PM 01-12-2020
The waiter who served us tonight is a Titans fans. I, of course, was decked out in full Chiefs regalia.

I hope the fucker didn't poison me. :-)
FringeNC 08:14 PM 01-12-2020
Titans canít win if they donít get more pressure on Mahomes than last game.
RetiredSeniorChief 08:16 PM 01-12-2020
Kick Henry in the nuts; Tannehill doesn't scare me.
Why Not? 08:21 PM 01-12-2020
Chiefs are winning this game. Today was the day the Chiefs were ripe to be picked off and they won in a blowout.
Halfcan 08:22 PM 01-12-2020
I have never seen an Offense unleash fury on a team like that. Historic.
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