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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>This is how bad our CB corps is, and what I think we should do.
Direckshun 11:44 PM 09-09-2019
I think our CB corps is terrible. Ward is atrocious, and Fuller is merely average -- not the stud we thought we were getting in the Alex Smith trade.

Bashaud Breeland looks alright. Morris Claiborne, who knows.

And besides, three of those players -- all except Ward, the worst of the bunch -- are free agents in the upcoming offseason.

My suggestion? Let them all walk. Breeland, maybe, if the price is right, but it won't be because Steven Nelson got 10/year and the NFL has lost its mind with corners. Let them all walk.

So, we're going to need a cheap injection of talent with the 2020 Mahomes contract coming down the pipeline.

The Draft.

Now, if we're smart, we can spin Sammy Watkins into a pick, and if we're not going to sign Chris Jones (as I don't think we will), we can spin him into a couple picks, a la Frank Clark. So we're going to have options, and probably multiple firsts if we don't trade our 1st rounder away this year.

We should seriously consider spending our top pick on DT to replace Jones, and then burn at least two of the next picks on CB. I'm thinking a late 1st and a mid-2nd, depending on where the 49ers end up in the draft order.

I think we should dip back into the CB pool in the midrounds, and sign at least one veteran. My suggestion is Chris Harris, who will be on the downslope of his career (which makes him cheap), but is still talented, and could be able to coach up a bunch of the young talents next to him.

Our 2020 CB depth chart would be: Harris, the 1st rounder, the 2nd rounder, Ward, a midrounder, and Fenton

What would you do to fix the CB situation?
RunKC 11:57 PM 09-09-2019
I would sign Chris Jones and trade Sammy for a 2nd rd pick. No reason why we canít sign Chris Jones. We donít need to splurge on guys.

Next years corner FA class is very deep. I think we can get one or two cheap thatís in a situation like Breeland or Claiborne.

Iíd get them, draft a rookie and try to trade for a high draft pick that isnít working out on a rookie contract like we have with Lee, Ogbah and Ragland.
Dante84 12:17 AM 09-10-2019
I've pretty much written off Sammy being gone as a forgone conclusion, but if he plays all season like he did this year, who knows man.
Hoover 12:50 PM 09-10-2019
I don't disagree with your line of thinking, but this is why I'd try to acquire a guy like Josh Jackson from GB now. Gives you a young CB who's cheap and controllable through 2021. And it's not going to cost us more than a 3rd or 4th rounder, especially if we package a guy like Ragland with it. Then I think you do another year of Bashaud Breeland and draft a couple more CBs early in the draft.
threebag02 08:23 PM 09-10-2019
Ward is going to be hard on the beaver
kccrow 05:23 PM 09-12-2019
I see the Chiefs signing a guy like Trae Waynes, re-signing Breeland, and drafting a CB in round 2 that might be a bargain slot guy like Lavert Hill out of Michigan or Levonta Taylor out of FSU, then taking another late-round flier in 5 or 6 to develop on the outside.
ptlyon 05:40 PM 09-12-2019
YontsRBake 09:52 PM 09-12-2019
Maybe we could get Chris Harris to agree to a high guaranteed 2 year deal in the offseason.

I think trading our 1st is more than worth it to get an elite CB this year.
Pitt Gorilla 02:58 PM 09-16-2019
I think we see what we have, especially when Mo comes back.
KChiefs1 10:00 AM 12-24-2019
LB is a more pressing need.
Megatron96 12:25 PM 12-24-2019
This aged well.
Pasta Giant Meatball 09:57 AM 12-26-2019
Originally Posted by Megatron96:
This aged well.
Direction is absolutely terrible at evaluating players. It's not the first time he's posted something this awful
dj56dt58 12:03 PM 12-26-2019
Ward has never been terrible
Toad 02:30 PM 12-26-2019
The team hoped Ward would be the quality player he has been this year. Fortunately, he has solidified that spot for next year.

If they can re-sign Breeland to a 1-2 year deal at $6-$7mm per yr average, I think they do it to keep consistency at the other outside spot.

I would think the team is confident in Fenton at the nickel.

Fuller will be allowed to walk.

For the 4th spot, CB should be a day 1 or day 2 draft day priority.
Chargem 03:21 AM 12-27-2019
I was messing around with a mock draft yesterday but couldn't be bothered to do the full write up on here after I finished it. In it I signed Darby to a 3 year reasonable deal ($8m per average) - he took a one year deal with the Eagles this year after whatever injury he had the prior year hoping to rebuild his value and its been a down year for him, so maybe the Chiefs could get him on a reasonable deal in the off season. He had multiple well above average years before this one so I think he will rebound.
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