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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Iran Protests And Uprising Spreads to 65 Cities, 25 Provinces
BanHam 09:23 AM 11-17-2019
Anyone seeing this development in the MSM?

- Iranian protesters 'burnt-down' the 'Iranian Central Bank' yesterday.

- The limited reporting cites, "Frustration over fuel price increases."

November 16, 2019

> Protesters torched centers of repression and plunder, including Bassij bases and government-controlled banks in many cities.

Iran Uprising, No. 7

The uprising of the Iranian people throughout the country spread to at least 65 cities in 25 provinces. Security forces have killed eight protesters and injured many others in clashes between courageous youth and savage suppressive forces of the police, IRGC, paramilitary Basij, intelligence services, and plain-clothed criminals affiliated with the regime.

Protesters have torched centers of repression and plunder, including Bassij bases and government-controlled banks in many cities. Large posters of Khomeini and his successor Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the regime, and a huge symbol of Khomeini’s ring in the city of Shahriar, in the southwestern suburbs of Tehran, were set ablaze.

Tehran is the scene of major protests and clashes between the people and IRGC forces despite the deployment of large contingents of suppressive forces at various points of the capital. People clashed with security forces and chanted “Death to Dictator” in the second roundabout in Aryashahr.

Security forces resorted to tear gas to disperse protesting youth. Young protesters attacked the Basij base in Vafadar Street, a side street of Jomhouri Avenue. Other young protesters hurled rocks at security forces in northern Satar Boulevard and in Shush Square.

The gold merchants of the bazaar closed down in solidarity with the protesters. Youth chanted, “Death to Dictator” and the rhyming “Guns, Tanks, Firecrackers, Mullahs should be killed,” in Satar Khan Street. Other young protesters in Eslamshahr, south of Tehran, torched the police container cabin and banners bearing images of Khamenei.

The people of Kermanshah, a major urban center in the west of Iran, gathered in the city’s Freedom Square, Aryashahr, Maskan Boulevard, Nobahar, and other points and brought traffic on the city’s beltway to a halt. Several state-owned banks and petrol stations were set alight in the process.

Security forces attempted to quell the protests with tear gas and water cannons but young people throwing rocks and setting bonfires to fend off the gas and block the advance of suppressive forces fought them off.

- I'm guessing the Clown Factory is very disappointed.
BucEyedPea 11:02 AM 11-19-2019
What goes around, comes around.

Good Interview with Daniel McAdams on America’s Own CIA-backed Coup. Applies here too.

Daniel McAdams talks with Scott about some of the unintended—or maybe not so unintended—consequences of America’s support for regime change revolutions all over the world. These include powerful drug cartels, the rise of regimes that are more extreme and violent than the ones they replaced, and immigration crises and terrorism that can come back to directly affect America and its allies.

Not only is the current impeachment inquiry into Ukraine a direct result of the Obama administration’s backing of Ukraine’s revolution in 2014, it’s also a domestic example of the very same process our government has tried to encourage in other countries, says McAdams. That is, instead of our CIA funding a cabal to overthrow a foreign country’s democratically elected leaders, today we see them doing it in our own country against President Trump.
Discussed on the show:

Colour revolution
Jeans Revolution
Revealing Ukraine
“Bolivia interim leader recognises Guaido as legitimate Venezuelan leader as balance shifts” (Telegraph)
“Hillary Clinton Said Children Of Illegal Immigrants Should Be Sent Back In 2014 CNN Interview” (Newsweek)
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
“Ukraine crisis: Transcript of leaked Nuland-Pyatt call” (BBC News)
“Ukraine whistleblower: Don’t forget the deep state has a dark side” (USA Today)

FAX 12:08 AM 11-20-2019
This is a very interesting situation. Simultaneously frightening and hopeful.

Iranian Americans currently lack the ability to contact their families in Iran due to the almost total shutdown of the internet in Iran.

Some people are smuggling sim cards out of the country providing a means whereby their family members in other countries can be notified of ongoing events and conditions but this information is sparse.

Interestingly, reports are emerging that "this is not like 2009" in that these are not merely protests, but a groundswell of public furor ultimately intended to overthrow the current regime.

Anything can happen in the Middle East so the future is impossible to predict. And, of course, the American MSM either cannot or will not report on the situation in any depth or with any accuracy. This is partially due to the lack of information available from Iran as a result of the shutdown of the internet.

I'm a little surprised that US sanctions are not being blamed and used as an attack against the Trump administration. Meanwhile, however, world news available from sources outside the US seem to be leaning toward categorizing these events as a desire on the part of the Iranians to end the decades of corruption and the billions of dollars spent outside of Iran in support of other radical Islamic countries and, of course, terrorism.

The problem is, obviously, that there are no democratic means to change the future for Iranians. Their only option is violent protest and ultimate revolt.

BucEyedPea 12:17 AM 11-21-2019
Sources outside the US? Like who? I can get information outside of the US and they're not saying quite that.
Iran’s President Rouhani Claims Victory Over Protests
Says foreign enemies won't benefit from the situation

...Rouhani said, acknowledging that protesters have valid complaints about the country’s management.

Iranian officials were keen to draw a divide between the peaceful majority of protesters and argue that the violent protesters were either foreigners, or backed by foreign groups to stir unrest within Iran...
Kinda sounds like the current Hong Kong, the overthrow of Ukraine situation where the violent protestors were the work of outside foreign groups. And kinda like the violent protestors were have here at home doing the work of Soros funded groups. Antifa comes to mind. These globalists mean business.
Chief Northman 12:29 AM 11-21-2019
Originally Posted by HonestChieffan:
Remember when they had similar issues and riots when Obama refused to offer a helping hand to the people and instead silently nodded as the Mullahs crushed the rebels?

Twitterverse is saying the mullas shut off internet access and the set it off this time
Friend of mine is high up at the local university and was alerted early this morning of some international students studying abroad that were cut off from any/all communications home and abroad.

This is a major upheaval taking place and the Iranian regime is not fucking around.
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