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Media Center>Rockstar Teasing New Red Dead Game
Buck 10:00 AM 10-17-2016
Hey look what Rockstar just posted on twitter and on their homepage.
hometeam 12:18 AM 12-04-2019
ive got about 500 hours in it total. id say i got my moneys worth, on 2 platforms.
Detoxing 04:52 PM 12-04-2019
Originally Posted by ThaVirus:
So what's the consensus on this game?

Bit of a disappointment but still pretty good overall?
I wasn't disappointed. I had a blast playing it.
Dayze 07:03 PM 12-04-2019
I played the bejesus out of it.
I still have to finish the epilogue. But there’s just so much to do in the game. There were times all I wanted to do was just chill and drink some beer and hunt deer or catch a big fish. Other times play the storyline. Other times just go exploring.

Game is amazing visually, great story line. Awesome game. God damn game basically made me fucking cry at one point :-). I’ll probably fire it up again after football season when it’s balls cold out here in KC and can’t do anything but stay indoors anyway.
Dayze 12:19 PM 12-07-2019
I finally finished the game yesterday. I hadn’t played it since January where I left off in the epilogue.
Took me another solid 8 hours to finish.

Now I’m debating on starting a new game and playing like a complete psycho , or seeing what else I can do now that the game is finished.
hometeam 10:51 PM 12-21-2019
im still playing it online, more missions, more shit, just a lot of different stuff to do and every once in a while bust some heads.
Fish 03:30 PM 12-23-2019
FYI... if anyone has been holding out on the PC version for a better price like I have, it's currently available from Epic games for $38. There's a 20% off sale right now, plus a $10 off coupon for a total of $37.99.

Yippee ki-yay, motherfuckers!
Dayze 03:34 PM 12-23-2019
I need to hop on line with it and see how it is. I haven't played anything online since Battlefield 3, and that was my first online experience. It was a blast until boosters and hacks got into every match. but what a blast it was.

is RDR2 a series of single player missions online? Or are the missions to be performed with other online players?
hometeam 02:24 PM 12-24-2019
still playing even today, they are constantly adding stuff to online, doing a ch ristmas event right now its all snow everywhere, christmas games, bonuses and shit like minty pudding or whatever for wreckin people.

Good times.
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