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Washington DC and The Holy Land>China quarantines Wuhan, a city the size of NYC
banyon 10:52 AM 01-23-2020

Updated info:


There are currently 3,950,798 confirmed cases and 271,809 deaths from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of May 8, 2020 15:03 GMT

U.S. Coronavirus Cases

As of May 8, 2020 at 14:58 GMT, there have been 1,295,101 confirmed cases and 77,059 deaths due to coronavirus COVID-19 in the United States.

AL-9,048 (371 deaths)
AK-374 (10 deaths)
AZ-9,945 (450 deaths, 1 recovered)
AR-3,694 (88 deaths)
CA - 62,477 (2,545 deaths, 6 recovered)
CO-18,371 (944 deaths)
CT- 31,784 (2,797 deaths)
DE-5,939 (202 deaths)
DC- 5,654 (285 deaths)
FL-38,828 (1,600 deaths)
GA - 31,679 (1,353 deaths)
HI- 629 (17 deaths)
ID-2,178 (67 deaths)
IL-70,873 (3,111 deaths, 2 recovered)
IN-22,503 (1,414 deaths)
IA-11,457 (243 deaths)
KS-6,359 (168 deaths)
KY- 6,128 (294 deaths, 2 recovered)
LA-30,652 (2,208 deaths)
ME-1,330 (62 deaths)
MD-30,485 (1,560 deaths, 4 recovered)
MA-73,721(4,552 deaths, 1 recovered)
MI-45,646 (4,343 deaths)
MN-9,365 (508 deaths, 24 recovered)
MS-8,686 (396 deaths)
MO-9,561 (454 deaths)
MT-457 (16 deaths)
NE-7,190 (90 deaths)
NV-5,766 (293 deaths)
NH-2,843 (114 deaths)
NJ- 135,106 (8,834 deaths)
NM-4,493 (172 deaths)
NY-337,421 (26,365 deaths)
NC-13,954 (529 deaths)
ND-1,371 (31 deaths)
OH-22,134 (1,274 deaths)
OK-4,330 (260 deaths, 1 recovered)
OR-2,989 (121 deaths)
PA-56,002 (3,592 deaths)
RI-10,779 (399 deaths)
SC-7,142 (316 deaths)
SD-2,905 (31 deaths, 6 recovered)
TN-14,096 (239 deaths)
TX-36,606 (1,030 deaths, 11 recovered)
UT-5,724 (61 deaths)
VT-919 (53 deaths)
VA-22,342 (812 deaths, 1 recovered)
WA-16,943 (904 deaths, 124 recovered)
WV-1,310 (51 deaths)
WI- 9,215 (374 deaths, 1 recovered)
WY-635 (7 deaths)

US recovered :148,291
IowaHawkeyeChief 08:32 PM 04-08-2020
Originally Posted by Swanman:
States with idiot redhat governors are at a huge risk. Mississippi, already basically a 3rd world country, could get absolutely crushed. Then the Arkansas governor is actively overruling city shelter in place orders from mayors. Brian Kemp, nothing more needs to be said there - ****ing retard. Ron De Santis in Florida is basically the mayor from Jaws.

I know some of the dipshits will say, "bUt Ny Is GeTTinG HamMerEd aNd Is a BlUE StaTe". NY was ****ed regardless given that everyone in the world travels through there and gigantic population density.

Also, you must be really pissed at Cuomo for keeping the subways open this whole time in NYC?
banyon 08:34 PM 04-08-2020
Originally Posted by IowaHawkeyeChief:
I thought your side believed in facts and science.

So far those governors seem to be doing pretty well. Most, like Iowa, don't have a stay in place order, but they've done everything but that, no large groups, only essential services open, schools closed, most parks closed.... You should quit listening to the crazies...
I will say GA is not doing well by the numbers. Their deaths suggest that either they are not testing well. Case Mortality rate of 3.6%. They rank #10 in deaths per capita.
mlyonsd 08:37 PM 04-08-2020
Where are we with the ventilator shortage issue?
banyon 08:40 PM 04-08-2020
Originally Posted by mlyonsd:
Where are we with the ventilator shortage issue?
Appears to be better than expected for now.
banyon 08:54 PM 04-08-2020

At least 150 members of the Saudi Royal Family have tested positive for the coronavirus. And Saudi health officials are preparing for hundreds more.

— Yashar Ali �� (@yashar) April 9, 2020

How large is this family?
Eleazar 08:55 PM 04-08-2020
In my state we have about 40 deaths now, or 1 for every 133,000 residents. Have not been any ominous developments yet. Last I saw, the median age of the fatalities was 86.
cosmo20002 09:17 PM 04-08-2020
Originally Posted by banyon:

How large is this family?
GloryDayz 09:19 PM 04-08-2020
Originally Posted by oaklandhater:
it should have came form the federal gov.

so assholes weren't flooding the beach in fl.

or looking like morons in GA thinking asymptomatic people couldn't get others sick.
Originally Posted by GloryDayz:
:-) What exactly did you want them to do to enforce the already-in-place "stay at home" recommendation(s) the Federal Govt. and all the states governors had in place?
Did I miss your reply?
banyon 09:50 PM 04-08-2020
Originally Posted by cosmo20002:
So 1% ok that’s not as bad.
Taco John 10:24 PM 04-08-2020

Why are the Chinese not good at Cricket?����

— The Infamous El Guapo ������ (@elguapo64) April 9, 2020

banyon 07:51 AM 04-09-2020

Dutch scientists were able to find the coronavirus in a city’s wastewater before Covid-19 cases were reported — demonstrating a novel early warning system for the disease

— Bloomberg (@business) March 31, 2020

stevieray 07:54 AM 04-09-2020
A mom posted on social media that her daughter died of complications from pneumonia, but they listed COVID on her DC. She's fighting it.
ghak99 07:58 AM 04-09-2020
Originally Posted by cosmo20002:
Damn, that seems insane.

Do they have the same rules we do for being native american or black?
SuperBowl4 08:28 AM 04-09-2020
Originally Posted by mlyonsd:
Where are we with the ventilator shortage issue?
OXYGEN is the cure.
banyon 08:32 AM 04-09-2020
Originally Posted by SuperBowl4:
OXYGEN is the cure.
Ventilators are one means of providing oxygen on a spectrum of most to least invasive:

Unpressurized oxygen mask _—> pressurized (CPAP) —> ventilator —> extra corporeal blood oxygenation
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