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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Cap Space for 2020
The Franchise 03:29 PM 11-12-2019
Here are some cap figures for next year.

Current cap space to be rolled over to 2020 - $21 million
Current cap space projected for 2020 - $1.6 million

People who should be cut after this season. Their replacement in quotes.

Sammy Watkins (Pringle/Hardman) - $14 million cap savings
LDT (Wylie/Rankin) - $5 million cap savings
Daniel Sorenson (literally anybody or Watts) - $3.75 million cap savings
Cameron Erving (literally anybody) - $3.25 million cap savings
Damien Williams (Thompson) - $2.3 million cap savings
Dustin Colquitt (It's a punter...come on) - $1.35 million cap savings

That's 6 cuts that we should have no problem finding a replacement for.

Projected cap space for 2020 after cuts - $31 million

We could add more by making Anthony Hitchens a June 1st cut. That would put his dead cap space in 2020 at
$4.2 million and his cap savings at $8.5 million. It would only save us roughly $2 million in 2021 and then
$11 million in 2022. I think he's overpaid but a decent #2 LB.

So, if we roll over the cap space from this year, and with the 6 cuts, we should be at $52 million in
cap space.

We're obviously going to need that cap space for Mahomes but we will only have 2 CBs under contract
(Ward and Fenton). We also will have 4 DEs under contract (Clark, Okafor, KPass and Speaks). I think
some of that cap space should be to bring Ogbah back if it isn't a huge amount of money.
KurtCobain 10:02 PM 11-16-2019
I want Anthony Hines if he declares.
Tribal Warfare 10:21 PM 11-16-2019
Originally Posted by Chris Meck:
I'm not saying it has to be round one, but we need to go OL early and often.

This season we were hoping PMII would be as durable as Favre, but he wasn't.I'm in DGAF mode get the best OL and feature RB possible.
Chargem 07:39 AM 11-17-2019
I'd even be happy with a DT or a DE in the 1st if the guy is an all round pass rush and run defense guy. No harm in stacking talent on either line, I'm pretty much BPA any defensive position (except safety) and also O line the first 3 rounds.
RunKC 09:56 AM 11-17-2019
Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
Well the problem is that at least ONE of the GM's dumb enough to think he is a viable WR1 is off the table to make a deal with...

I mean apart from the guy that just keeps paying people for what he really hopes they'll become and not what history says they are, how many GMs out there have demonstrated a willingness to get burned by cock-teases like Sammy Watkins?

Unless Veach can find a way to clone himself and put the clone in charge of another team, we're gonna struggle to find a GM with the right combination of desperate and stupid to give us any real value for this spacey ****stick at this point.
Dude stop. There are several GMs that make moves like this all the time. FFS
BryanBusby 10:20 AM 11-17-2019
A lot of random positions being thrown out, but everyone should just start familiarizing themselves with the cornerback class in the first round.
RealSNR 04:58 PM 11-17-2019
Originally Posted by RunKC:
Dude stop. There are several GM’s that make moves like this all the time. FFS
It's actually not that bad of a strategy for a team to bring him aboard for a year as a "stabilize the position" type of vet (there are plenty of GMs who still think in those terms). Even at that price tag for the final year of his contract.

The problem becomes if teams who trade for him think he's valuable enough to spend a draft pick on, but cheap enough such that they can let him walk as an option when the season is over. I don't think anybody is going to trade for him and give him an extension.

We're going to need a REALLY stupid GM to make that move. Elway and Gruden probably won't trade with us. Veach is in KC. Grigson doesn't have a job. Hmm...

Ryan Pace is pretty stupid. Do the Bears need a WR? They might do it...

Did the guy who was GMing the Bills and traded us the Mahomes pick get a new job? If so, we should give him a phone call.
RealSNR 05:02 PM 11-17-2019
The Dolphins have a fuckton of picks and they're DROWNING in cap space. Make a deal with them.

Boom. Done.
BryanBusby 05:41 PM 11-17-2019
Originally Posted by RealSNR:
The Dolphins have a fuckton of picks and they're DROWNING in cap space. Make a deal with them.

Boom. Done.
Yeah not sure why they wouldn't flip a mid round choice for a reliable target for a young QB....for a couple games at least.
DJ's left nut 11:10 AM 11-18-2019
In what world is Sammy Watkins a 'reliable target'?

Misses 1/4 of the season and is only physically present for 1/2 of the games he's actually on the roster for.

Our time with Sammy Watkins has made it extremely clear why 2 teams gave up on him despite his talent. Reliable is pretty much the last word I'd use to describe an oft-injured WR with serious focus issues.
BryanBusby 11:17 AM 11-18-2019
Are you too illiterate to read the end of that line or what
DJ's left nut 11:31 AM 11-18-2019
Originally Posted by BryanBusby:
Are you too illiterate to read the end of that line or what
But he's not 'reliable' even when he's on the field.

When you don't have any earthly idea what games he's going to actually show up for, then he's not 'reliable' even in those games.

He has no value to a developing QB because of it. If you could count on getting a good version of him whenever he's healthy that's one thing. But when the dude spaces out with seemingly no rhyme nor reason, no - he's not reliable at all. Ever.
[Reply] 09:20 AM 11-19-2019
It's time to invest in the interior OL at some point early in the draft.
RunKC 09:26 AM 11-19-2019
I’m okay with LDT for another year if we can afford it. I think the priority has to be fixing the middle of the field this offseason.

C, RB and LB have to be the focal points
[Reply] 09:43 AM 11-19-2019
LDT makes too much money, is always hurt and isn't really that good of a player.
ThaVirus 09:23 PM 11-19-2019
Originally Posted by
It's time to invest in the interior OL at some point early in the draft.
Imagine if we could get interior OL play like this:

Unreal block & mental processing from Quenton Nelson to read this LB blitz and work back across the formation to pick it up.

— Brandon Thorn (@BrandonThornNFL) November 19, 2019

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