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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Trump Campaign Suing the New York Times
Taco John 05:05 PM 02-26-2020

Here is the full brief:
Cosmos 05:54 PM 03-04-2020
Originally Posted by Bowser:
This post is pure gold considering the shit show the Dems put the country through the last three years.

Your ignorance weighs on this forum every day.

Mueller pointed out the prosecutable crimes of obstruction and campaign finance laws. Get someone to read it to you.

With regards to Ukraine.. if the Republicans weren’t supporting idiots like you, they just might have the balls to follow the incontrovertible evidence the House put forward, but they are unlike the Republicans of the Nixon era, with the exception of Romney who doesn’t need Trumps crumbs.

The Republicans just simply failed to do their jobs and live up to their oath.

Trump has been exposed, folks know what he’s about now, they’re exhausted of the vitriol, hypocrisy and inability to get any bipartisan legislation passed, but that’s another discussion.
El Lobo Gordo 02:38 PM 03-06-2020
Originally Posted by NinerDoug:
How do you believe the Trump Campaign was damaged by the opinion piece?

10 to 1 they do the same shit that Trump did when he sued Bill Maher. Probably won’t serve it, will let it sit there for a while, then, when it’s been forgotten, they’ll quietly dismiss it.

Do you really not know Trump by now? This is a publicity stunt, nothing more.
Trump now suing CNN which uses "opinion" and "analysis" to promote fake news.
Reerun_KC 02:44 PM 03-06-2020
Bawahahahahahah. The meltdown here is awesome.
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