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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Damon Arnette, CB, Ohio State
staylor26 03:59 PM 02-06-2020
This guy has the competitiveness and attitude that Veach and Spags love. I know itís been said that there are some character concerns, but I also am not sure what exactly they are and canít find anything about them.

I know kccrow is an Ohio State fan. Can you give us a little more info about this prospect?
kccrow 04:29 PM 02-06-2020
Typical starting OSU corner... everything you could ever want: He's 6'0, he's about 200, he's going to run a 4.40, and he can stick with routes in every scenario. He played a ton of press man at OSU but he's actually a much better player in zone, which Spags runs alot of. So, that's a huge, huge plus.

Problems are basically that he's too grabby during routes, he needs to limit that in the pros or he's going to draw flags.

Other is I wish he were a tad more disciplined in run defense. He's not afraid or unwilling, because he can do the job well, but he doesn't always take great angles, fight through blocks, or break down well to make the tackle. In other words, he lets some plays get by him he shouldn't in that regard.

It did appear he grew up alot in 2019. He was as good as going to the NFL draft in 2019 until Cris Carter talked to him and told him he needed to stay and grow up. What that says about his future, who knows, but I think he made some major changes in his life.
kccrow 04:37 PM 02-06-2020
As for the character concerns... I don't really remember much other than he had some fights in practices. I can't recall him being suspended for any length of time for off-the-field conduct, but Meyer kept alot under wraps. I'm fairly certain it was much to do with him partying alot and things like that. Mostly just being a young jock type of stuff and not putting yourself in the best position.