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Pitt Gorilla 03:10 PM 04-10-2018
Not sure this deserves it's own thread, but damn, there is a lot of outstanding content on Amazon. I've had it for years and never really gave it a shot. The HBO and Funny or Die catalogues alone make it worth the while. The originals are simply value added. I've been watching:

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Eastbound and Down
Zach Morris is Trash

Things in my queue:

Man in the High Castle
The Tick
Sneaky Pete
Jack Ryan

Would like to re-watch:

Between Two Ferns
Parks and Rec

Anything you'd recommend from Prime Video? I feel like a kid in a candy shop (without the requisite time to actually enjoy all the candy...)
Buehler445 09:49 PM 09-12-2019
Originally Posted by keg in kc:
Kind of hard to do that unless you can time travel to October 4th.

Goddamn it. I thought it had dropped. I (finally) watched the boys and in my suggestions it made it seem like it had dropped.
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