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Discuss Thrower 02:10 PM 09-07-2019
.. then you're missing out. It's like a harder edge Dallas laced with great dialogue peppered with dark humor.

Boar on the fucking floor.
OmahaChief 12:23 PM 09-09-2019
It is a must watch show. So good. Tom and Greg are awesome. Roman is pretty funny and Shiv has a great ass.
Baby Lee 09:10 AM 09-12-2019
Holy shit, when 'Cousin Larry' popped up as 'Cameron's' doppleganger at the Pierce/Roy Tern Haven playdate, . . . I legitimately had to pause the show from laughing.

This really was a perfectly structured and perfectly timed episode. Gotten to know the Roys enough to appreciate the nuances of their various behaviors and subtexts, and throw them into a funhouse mirror of a social interaction fraught with gravity with an old-money family on their own turf.

Every eye shift, every exhale, every pregnant pause carries significance, and that's before you even start to unravel and map out the schemes and counterschemes and weaknesses and foibles and cluenessness and utter concentration on task all jumbled up and coded into 'an evening among friends.'

That's how dramatic narrative is constructed.
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Baby Lee 10:45 AM 09-12-2019
Another subtle, but brutally hilarious moment
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Pasta Giant Meatball 11:30 AM 09-12-2019
Ohhhhh k