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Tiger 6 4.48%
Jordan 34 25.37%
Michael Phelps 8 5.97%
Federer 0 0%
Mahomes 35 26.12%
Some female (name) 0 0%
Some other male (name) 45 33.58%
TRUMP! 6 4.48%
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The Lounge>G.O.A.T.: pick your greatest athlete of all time
Prison Bitch 07:14 PM 04-14-2019
With Tigerís Masters win today, Twatter is asking if heís the greatest athlete ever. This poll asks: name you greatest athlete youíve seen. (So Jim Brown, Babe Ruth, Jesse Owens etc all off the table)

Use whatever criteria you wish. Can only pick one.
jdubya 08:39 PM 04-14-2019
Bo Jackson

PELE------ voted (World Player of the Century) and (Athlete of the Century)
Naptown Chief 08:40 PM 04-14-2019
Ron Jeremy
ROYC75 08:42 PM 04-14-2019
Wilt Chamberlin, that guy was an dominate athlete. Below is a list of 7 records that will never be broke.

7) 40+ Points and Rebounds in a game

Wilt Chamberlain is the only player to record a quadruple double double (40+ points and rebounds) in an NBA game. He did it not once or twice but five times in his career.

Does any current player has guts to repeat it?

6) Double Triple Double

In 1968, Wilt Chamberlian achieved a unique feat when he put up 22 points, 25 rebounds and 21 assists in game and became the first player to hit double triple double. Since then, no one has been able to achieve this feat again.

5) 30+ points and 20+ rebounds in rookie season

No player had experienced more satisfying rookie season than Wilt Chamberlain. He averaged 37 points per game and 27 rebounds per game in the first season of his career.

Coming into the NBA and averaging 30+ points and 20+ rebounds, is not a cakewake and surely this record will remain intact for a long period of time.

4) 11 rebounding titles

Wilt Chamberlain won 11 rebounding titles in his career. Does any other player has a realistic chance of breaking it, let’s find out. Dennis Rodman is second on the list with 7 rebounding titles. He could have a crack at this reocrd if he had not been retired. Active players such as Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard are no way near this record as both own only 4 titles each. So we can comfortably say that this record is not going to break any time soon.

3) 50.4 average in a season

In 1961-62 season Wilt Chamberlain scored 4,029 points with an average of 50.4 ppg which is the highest single season average in NBA. The closest to give it a shot was the Wilt Chamberlian himself who averaged 44.8 next season.

2) Most Career rebounds

Wilt Chamberlain amassed 23, 924 rebounds in his career. So, whom we can turn to for breaking this record. Perhaps Kevin Garnett who had most rebounds among active players but the fact is he’s about 12 thousand rebounds shy of the Wilt’s record. Moreover, he is 36 years old and in the twilight of his career so we can’t expect him to topple this record.

1) 100 points in a game

On March 2, 1962, Wilt scored 100 points against the New York Knicks and became the only player to reach century mark in a single game. After 5 decades, the record still stands firmly and it looks that no one will came close to break it.

Check out this

55 rebounds in 1 game.:-) Charles Oakley is next at 35. 55 rebounds will never be broken!

Most Points in a Single Season – 4029 Points

Michael Jordan is the only other player in history to score more than 3,000 points in a season with 3041 points in ’86-’87, which ranks 3rd all time. Chamberlain holds 4 of the top 5 total points seasons in history. Kobe’s 2832 points in ’05-’06 is the best single season among active players, but is more than 1,100 points behind Wilt’s ’61-’62 season.

Wilt also had his days in Track & Field while at KU. He ran the 100-yard dash in 10.9 seconds, shot-putted 56 feet, triple jumped more than 50 feet, and won the high jump in the Big Eight track and field championships three straight years.

Bo Jackson is 2nd on this short list!
Megatron96 08:42 PM 04-14-2019
Staying within parameters, the most dominant, gifted athlete I've ever seen is unquestionably Michael Jordan. Six rings, three consecutive, retire, and then three in a row again. 'Nuff said.

The most dominant player I've ever seen was undoubtedly Wayne Gretzky. His stats are the stuff of video games. Four 200+ point seasons. Ten seasons with more than 50 goals. Four Stanley cups. Twelve seaons with more than 100 assists. And so on. And on. And on.

Hell they created a rule to try and slow him down.
Why Not? 08:46 PM 04-14-2019
Impossible to answer. To many categories exist.

Pure athletic ability- Bo Jackson

Most dominant in a team sport- Gretzky

Literally single handily created millions of fans for his sport including possibly a significant amount of his current opponents- Tiger

But, I’m a Chiefs fan so to me it’s .....

Boomer Grigsby
Great Expectations 08:47 PM 04-14-2019
Bo, Neon Deon, Jordan, Jim Brown, Allen Iverson all guys who dominated multiple sports at different levels.

John Elway and Danny Ainge?? Tony Gonzalez?
jdubya 08:47 PM 04-14-2019
Jan-Michael Vincent of course
Great Expectations 08:48 PM 04-14-2019
Kyler Murray is a pretty good athlete.
ThaVirus 08:48 PM 04-14-2019
Originally Posted by Rain Man:
I think gold medals in swimming are massively overrated. If they had 100-meter races where you ran one and then hopped one and then ran one hopping one leg and then ran one backwards, Usain Bolt would have more than 23. Swimming should be only about getting from Point A to Point B the fastest.
Great point.
St. Patty's Fire 08:56 PM 04-14-2019
Originally Posted by EPodolak:
I'm sitting here watching NHL, and it reminds me Gretzky deserves mention.
There was no one as dominant in their team sport as Gretzky.

He finished his career at 2 PPG. His prime seasons are broken. Only player to break 200 points and he did it four times. Imagine Mahomes throwing like 65 TDs in a season. That'd be Gretzky dominant.
IA_Chiefs_fan 09:05 PM 04-14-2019
I picked Jordan. I hope it was the dumbest decision of my life. I hope it ends up being Mahomes.
ROYC75 09:48 PM 04-14-2019
In college and the Pro's, the game was changed because of Wilt's dominating presence .

Wilt's 1962 season was beyond phenomenal,he had the following
50.4 pts per game average
25.7 rebounds per game average

Of the 80 games played, he had
50 games over 45 pts per game
38 games were over 50 pts
14 games were over 60 pts
3 games over 70 pts
1 games with 100 pts.

One game he had 78 pts with 43 rebounds

Wilt holds the record with most rebounds ever in a single game, 55.

When he retired in 1973 after 14 NBA seasons, Chamberlain owned 128 league records. Today, nearly four decades later, he still holds 71

When the topic of all-time greatest player was once raised, none other than the legendary Larry Bird didn't hesitate and. he played against Michael Jordan
Demonpenz 09:51 PM 04-14-2019
Originally Posted by Deberg_1990:
Walter Ray Williams. Professional bowler. 47 PBA titles.
Hall of fame horse shoe player
'Hamas' Jenkins 09:53 PM 04-14-2019
Brian Jordan was a much, much better baseball player than Bo Jackson and still made the Pro Bowl as a safety. For all the credit Bo gets as an athlete, you can make an argument he wasn't even the best two sport star when he was playing.
Demonpenz 09:53 PM 04-14-2019
Athletes? Lebron and Zion are pretty good
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