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The Lounge>A hypothetical trade involving Russell Wilson
JakeF 05:40 PM 04-14-2019
Imagine if the Seahawks trade Russell Wilson in this crazy 3-way trade?
by Damond Talbot
April 14, 2019

Russell Wilson has been rumored to want out of Seattle could this 3-way trade work? Every year during the draft a player with a huge name has rumors swirling around him. This year that player is Russell Wilson.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, citing a league source, reports that the Seahawks think QB Russell Wilson would like to play elsewhere, even if itís something he would never admit to.

According to Florio, the Seahawks believe this will cause Wilson to drive a harder bargain in negotiations than he would with another team, per Pro Football Talk.

Imagine if the Seahawks did in fact trade Russell Wilson to New York where everyone claims he wants to play? Check out this wild and crazy 3-way trade and let me know what you think.

Seahawks, Cardinals and Giants 3-way trade!

Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks send Russell Wilson to the Giants
Seahawks receive QB Josh Rosen
Seahawks send DE Frank Clark to the Cardinals
Seahawks receive 6th overall pick and 17th pick from Giants
Seahawks receive pick 139 in the 2019 NFL Draft from the Cardinals

New York Giants

Giants receive QB Russell Wilson
Giants trade picks 6th pick and 17th pick to the Seahawks
Giants swap pick 132 for the 103 pick of the Cardinals in the 2019 NFL Draft

Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals send QB Josh Rosen to the Seahawks
Cardinals receive DE Frank Clark
Cardinals trade pick 139 to the Seahawks in the 2019 NFL Draft
Cardinals swap pick 103 with the Seahawks for pick 132 in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Could this trade work? Let us know what you think?
ChiefsCountry 06:24 PM 04-14-2019
Just cut the Cardinals out and do a Seahawks/Giants trade.
Titty Meat 08:00 PM 04-14-2019
Originally Posted by Prison Bitch:
Has there ever been a 3-way in the NFL?
I've had a 3 way with lews mom
KC_Lee 08:22 PM 04-14-2019
Originally Posted by Prison Bitch:
Has there ever been a 3-way in the NFL?
Colt, Rams, and Bills swapped players and picks in 1987.

Colts got Eric Dickerson.
Bills got Cornelius Bennett.
Rams got a few players and a lot of 1st & 2nd round picks.
big nasty kcnut 09:15 PM 04-14-2019
Russell wilson not getting traded but I'll bet eli get traded to the cardinals for rosen and let kyler murray learn under him.
BossChief 10:26 PM 04-14-2019
Originally Posted by TribalElder:
wilson is not worth pick 6 & 17
Yes he is.
kccrow 02:36 AM 04-15-2019
Hypothetically I'd see something more like this:

Giants get Russell Wilson from Seahawks, #3-65 from Cardinals
Seahawks get #1-6, #2-37 from Giants, Josh Rosen from Cardinals
Cardinals get Frank Clark from Seahawks, #3-95 from Giants

What it boils down to:
Giants give up #1-6, #2-37, #3-95 for Russell Wilson and #3-65
Cardinals give up Josh Rosen and #3-65, for Frank Clark
Seahawks give up Russell Wilson, Frank Clark for #1-6, #2-37, and Josh Rosen
RealSNR 05:40 AM 04-15-2019
Cardinals get fucked in that scenario
[Reply] 08:13 AM 04-15-2019
Why would the Cardinals do that?

He'll end up in NY.
Cave Johnson 10:50 AM 04-15-2019
Originally Posted by RealSNR:
Cardinals get ****ed in that scenario
It's a 3-way. Everyone gets fucked.
RunKC 10:54 AM 04-15-2019
If I’m a team that doesn’t have an elite QB, I offer two 1st rd picks and a 3rd.
Gravedigger 11:00 AM 04-15-2019
Aunt, Balls, Uncle.... you know the saying.
[Reply] 11:32 AM 04-15-2019

"If it does get done, my source says the (Wilson) contract would likely include devices to adjust future years of the deal based on how high the cap goes up year to year, or based on new revenue streams"

One upping Cousins. Would be a big win for the top players

— Sigmund Bloom (@SigmundBloom) April 15, 2019

Cave Johnson 11:48 AM 04-15-2019
Originally Posted by Titty Meat:
I've had a 3 way with lews mom
You havenít even had a 2-way, Billay.
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