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tmax63 03:59 PM 02-03-2020
So, do I have this right?
The Chiefs have the following picks:
rd 1, rd 3, rd 4, rd 5, rd 7 #32

rd 2 #31 (from 9ers, #32 is gone to seattle for FC)

rd 6 #32 + Jets pick

Just trying to get an idea of how much draft capital the Chiefs have this year.
pugsnotdrugs19 04:26 PM 02-03-2020
We have 5 picks, one in each of the first 5 rounds. As of now.

We traded our 6th for Darron Lee and 7th for Jordan Lucas.
tmax63 04:53 PM 02-03-2020
It would be nice to have a few more but when you are the SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS I guess you don't need as many position upgrades.